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MEFTV speaks to John Wilkinson, CEO of technology, media and telecoms data specialists TMT Analysis about their view of the mobile ecosystem, digital identity, mobile fraud, RCS and how they see the messaging space developing in 2020 and beyond.

“Particularly for our business we’re interested in the future of identity; what kind of mobile attributes will be used to understand the subscriber? – to know a bit more about the risk associated with the subscriber and to look at things like fraud and account takeover protection.”

“We view the identity space as an emerging market, we see a lot of tech providers in facial recognition, fingerprint or DNA based services – a huge amount of startups – our view is that the telco data like numbering, device, how you hold it etc .the device data will start to merge in with some of the other identity management tools – we see the phone number, the IMEI and device data, and subscriber’s use of that, as very key elements  that might be included in multiple types of identity management over time.”

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