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MEFTV speaks to Routemobile‘s Rajdip Gupta, Group CEO and James Mills, CEO Americas on their stand during MWC 2019, who explain their experience with RCS, their new business objectives as an omnichannel platform, and how their business is growing beyond messaging and communications.

Discussing their RCS use cases and omnichannel platform Radjip Gupta said “We are looking for solutions which will engage the customer – for the last year we’ve been working very hard towards RCS and an omnichannel platform and we are the first company in India to launch with HDFC Bank, with 40 million subscribers, I think its a great use case for RCS right now in India.”

He added “On Omnichannel: Enterprises are looking for a common platform where they can interact with their end user on multiple channels – it can be voice, email, messaging – right now they are using four different vendors – at Route Mobile we have created an omnichannel platform which can give access to all the channels at one point in time with a great dashboard and analytics. The advantage we bring is more about giving the campaign analytics, which is key to everyone – we are definitely doing something different than others.”

James Mills explained how Route Mobile are diversifying into a number of new services for their clients in the Americas, from Canada to South America: “Very distinct markets, but all have need for services beyond communication and messaging in particular – when you look at blockchain, AI, big data services type services that we can provide to them, it gives a holistic picture – in addition to services that solve regulatory problems in markets – so that has been a huge opportunity for us as we grow beyond just messaging.”

Watch the full video below.

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