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Barclays adds voice security option for UK customers

Three years after trailing the tech for the first time, Barclays UK is to make available voice recognition for all customers.

The move could hasten the decline of passwords, which users forget and hackers can steal. Voice authentication, on the other hand, is unique to all customers.

Barclays’ system is made up of over 100 characteristics based on the physical configuration of the speaker’s mouth and throat. Each time a customer calls, the technology will compare their voice against the voice print to establish if it matches. So it can ID a person from the first few words that are spoken.

Barclays pioneered the technology in 2013, and will roll it out this month.

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SpotX adds app store data to make video ads more targeted

Advertisers will be able to buy in-app video ads on the basis of richer data – like ratings and download numbers.

Video ad specialist SpotX has just added the new options to other targeting parameters such as registration demographics, device type, location and IAB content category.

SpotX says in-app inventory is fast overtaking web, so more accurate targeting is essential. It says in-app now represents 52 pet cent of mobile inventory traded through its marketplace in the US.

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PubMatic to power ad buying for Proxama Bluetooth beacons

Brands that advertise on Proaxama’s out of home mobile inventory can now do the buying themselves.

Ad specialist PubMatic will provide Proxama with a private marketplace platform so that brands and agencies can see the premium ad space available before deciding which placements to invest in.

Proxama runs a network of beacons that put content on buses, taxis and in airports across London and the UK. Its apps trigger contextually relevant notifications that awaken the app, and then serve an ad.

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Ooredoo has 8.2 million customers  in Myanmar

1.3 million new customers joined Ooredoo Myanmar in the second quarter of 2016, to bring the total number well past 8 million.

The Qatari telco claims it can now reach 80 per cent of Myanmar’s population, and that over 4.6 million people can access its 4G network.

Ooredoo only launched its Myanmar operation in the third quarter of 2014, and is one of three MNOs competing in the region, alongside Norway’s Telenor the state-owned Myanma Posts and Telecommunications.

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Kaspersky Lab launches a ‘public bug bounty’

Mobile security specialist is to hand out $50,000 in rewards to researchers finding vulnerabilities in the its flagship consumer and business products.

It’s working with HackerOne on the project. HackerOne has 60,000 hackers registered on its platform and has resolved more than 26,000 vulnerabilities to date.

“We feel as a security vendor that we have a higher level of responsibility to make sure our software is not an entry point for attacks,” said Ryan Naraine, director of the Global Research and Analysis Team U.S. at Kaspersky Lab.

“This puts our software in front of a lot more eyes and it just makes sense to have a bounty program, and reward researchers for finding bugs.”

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