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A lack of trust is the number one reason why consumers aren’t buying more with their mobiles. Last week, in Washington DC, MEF Members, co hosts Dentons and a collection of US and European regulators, app developers and industry experts gathered at the 3rd Annual MEF Consumer Trust Summit to discuss the latest developments in the business critical issue of Consumer Trust, and how the greatest barrier to m-commerce can be responsibly overcome.

We’ll bring you full coverage of the day next week here on the MEF Minute in the form of a series of podcasts recorded live at the event, so you can listen to the expert’s discussions around one of the biggest issues facing mobile today. For now though we’d like to extend our gratitude to the expert panel of speakers, some of whom shared their thoughts on the event with MEFTV below.

[youtube=]The Speaker list in full:

Tim Spirapani
VP of Law, Policy, Government Relations, Application Developers Alliance

Larry Magid
Tech journalist, internet safety activist, CBS News

Debbie Matties
Vice President of Privacy, CTIA

Todd Daubert
Partner, Dentons

Jules Polonetsky
Executive Director and Co-chair, Future of Privacy Forum

[youtube=]Simon Rice
Group Manager, Information Commissioner’s Office

Chris Davies
General Counsel, inMobi

Martin Sokalski
Director, Mobile & Digital, KPMG

Rick Fant
VP & GM of Apps, MarketPlace and Developer ecosystem, Mozilla

Richard Qiu
VP Business Development, Mobile, TRUSTe

Patrick Parodi
CEO and Co-Founder, The Wireless Registry

meffys_entries_open_600x319Giving recognition to companies for creating a more trusted environment and experience on mobile for consumers is at the heart of the Consumer Trust award, just one of 16 categories at the global content & commerce awards, the Meffys, which recently opened entries for their 11th Anniversary in 2014. Find out more and enter now on the Meffys Website.