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After Vine what’s next for mobile video?

So it’s RIP Vine and thanks for some enjoyable six second moments. Twitter’s short-form video app couldn’t compete with Facebook Live, SnapChat Stories et al. But there will be plenty more twists and turns before mobile video is ‘done’… In March 2015, the tech press was gleefully reporting a war.…
November 3, 2016
Mobile video

Infographic: global mobile video usage

Mobile video is growing in popularity as better handsets, faster networks and more affordable data-plans come together. This Global Consumer Survey from the IAB looks at how, when and why people around the world are viewing video on the smallest screen.
Tim Banks
November 17, 2015
Guest blogMobile video

Five reasons why video is the king of mobile media in India

Videos have transformed the way that we interact with mobile media.  With the promise of deeper levels of engagement it has amped consumer data consumption and built out new possibilities for mobile advertising and marketing.  Here, Nidhi Rana, Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Exec at MEF Member VVIDIA has taken a look at trends…
Sam Hill
January 27, 2015
EventGuest blogMobile video

Navigating the Shift to Digital and Mobile Video

Until recently, traditional TV players had brushed off the notion that digital will have a heavy impact on their business or market share. It’s understandable, considering the platform continues to grow (even today), but the mistake in this thinking was not taking the shift in technology or viewer behaviors into…
Sam Hill
August 29, 2014