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Stats Roundup

Mobile market stats round-up: Sept 14 – 21

Every week, MEF Minute scours the web for the most relevant industry data so you don’t have to. Today we take a look at the future of enterprise messaging, the mHealth market, the continued rise of the mobile camera, location based services and more... Enterprise messaging will generate $70.32bn in 2020 Never…
Sam Hill
September 14, 2015
Guest blogMEF N America

Grey Routes Pose Hidden Threat to Text Messaging

In this guest blog post, Syniverse's Chris Wright, Senior Carrier Services Director, explores the murky depths of "grey route" text messaging whereby fraudulent messages can be sent to individuals by unscrupulous spammers and scammers. The post looks at how these pertain to operators, how they have grown, how they hurt operators and…
Sam Hill
July 9, 2015
EuropeGuest blogPrivacy

What is Two-Factor Authentication? – Mblox

The widespread distribution of the internet and mobile devices means that more and more consumers are able to perform transactions, interact with their banks or simply book a holiday online, wherever they are, whenever they want.  As consumers we expect this spontaneity. Simple transactional processes are played out on every…
Sam Hill
May 26, 2015
Guest blog

Creating Conversations in the Smartphone Era

Stacy Adams, Vice President of Marketing at mBlox shares what you need to know about Application-to-Person SMS versus Over-the-Top messaging, and the battle for consumer mobile engagement. Today’s messaging landscape is rapidly diverging. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and Alibaba’s investment in Tango emphasizes today’s shift by consumers to over-the-top (OTT)…
Sam Hill
June 16, 2014