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Xconnect was founded 2004 as a specialist IP voice Interconnect provider.  In 2015 XConnect launched Number Information Services to serve global network routing intelligence to the telecommunitions community.

Today XConnect uniquely provides dedicated number information services allowing enterprise messaging companies to optimise routing, assure delivery and enable rich applications for enterprise customers.

XConnect provides global voice, messaging and number information services for over 250 organisations worldwide, including tier 1 carriers and next-gen voice and messaging service providers. We work closely with many of the telecoms industry’s best known organisations and industry bodies to deliver unbeatable global coverage.

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All One Time Passcodes are not the same

Lee Suker, director of Market Development at XConnect makes the case for SMS ‘One Time Passwords’ (OTPs) as part of a set of security controls, but urges caution when choosing providers.

If you have been tuning into the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) Privacy and Identity Working Group, you would have heard all about the ‘UserID & Password’ being broken. This isn’t quite the case, but what the headline points out is that the over reliance on a single knowledge factor presents a significant security risk.

MEF Briefing: Identity & Authentication Today Whitepaper

MEF’s recent whitepaper Identity & Authentication Today parts 1 and 2, dealt with explaining aspects of today’s Identity & Authentication sector that businesses need to understand to enable them to optimise their existing IAM processes to best effect. Members of the PD&I working group met recently to discuss the whitepaper, here Joseph Spear, Director of Communications at Mvine shares an overview.

Few topics grab my attention like Personal Data and Identity. And I know I’m not alone in believing we’re arriving at a new era for what we know as ‘the internet’.

MEF Briefing: Securing SMS for Enterprises

Last month MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme launched its Securing A2P SMS Business Messaging Whitepaper developed by members of its Fraud & Security Working Group. The comprehensive guide makes best practice recommendations when using SMS for Two Factor Authentication and provides practical use cases.

In this webinar, some of the contributors of the paper come together to discuss best practices for ensuring SMS remains a clean and secure channel for enterprises particularly when it comes to sending OTPs.

What can companies do to optimise Identity Management?

Iain McCallum, mobile industry veteran and MEF Advisor is joined by MEF and PD&I Working Group Members Boku, Boloro and xConnect to discuss online identity and the practical steps enterprises can take to optimise the balance between security and a streamlined UX.

The security of SMS One Time Password

Lee Suker from XConnect explains the vulnerabilities of SMS ‘One Time Passwords’ (OTP) that enable a wide variety of use cases from signing up to new Internet services to confirming financial transactions. The battle for security is a constant one, and must be fought effectively. Operators and the mobile ecosystem are responding to the threat by making investments in solutions and collaborating on best practices.

Interview: Tim Ward, XConnect

MEFTV speaks to MEF Member and Future of Messaging Programme participant XConnect‘s VP of Marketing and Sales, Tim Ward, about the future of messaging and his views on Rich Communications Services.

“It’s a technology that has been lurking in the background; no-ones been quite sure what to do with it, however the momentum has grown in the last 12 month period and all of a sudden it’s been recognised that the business messaging world has a real opportunity to up their game.

The forgotten personal data threat: HLR lookups

Telecoms routing specialist XConnect’s Data Protection Officer Lee Suker discusses the use of Home Location Register (HLR) lookup services describing the opportunity they represent for the industry to improve a multitude of services, and also issuing a warning regarding the little known personal data threat they could pose for businesses and individuals post GDPR.

The Home Location Register is the main database of subscriber information for a mobile network

Enterprise Messaging and GDPR: your questions answered

During last month’s MEF Connects Digital on the impact of GDPR on enterprise messaging, the expert panel were inundated with questions from the messaging community on this.

Here then, one of session experts, Lee Suker, Market Development Director and Data Protection Officer at XConnect has kindly taken the time to give his views on the questions not covered in the session. Both the questions & answers show the complexity of this topic and the importance of being ready for the forthcoming regulation.