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In this exclusive MEF TV interview at the Future of Mobile Summit during MWC24, Awnish Chaudhary, CEO at GTS Techlabs, discusses the transformative impact of AI on revenue assurance, fraud and content generation.

At MWC 2024 all the talk – and quite a few of the signs – was about AI. This is no surprise. Consumer-facing AI products are without down the biggest software story of the decade. Millions have already downloaded AI-based apps. But what about the MNOs themselves? How will they deploy AI to make their internal operations more efficient and lucrative?

Globe Teleservices is ahead of the game. Its own labs have been working on AI technology for many years. Now it is helping MNOs to apply the tech to revenue assurance, fraud detection, marketing and more.

The on-demand video content from both the MEF Future of Mobile Summit and the MEF Global Forum – are available to watch on demand now.

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