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VOX Solutions Welcomes Alan Murphy as New VP of Engineering

HONG KONG, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — VOX Solutions, a leading innovator in the telecom sector, proudly announces the appointment of Alan Murphy as Vice President of Engineering. Alan brings with him a wealth of experience, having spent over two decades at the forefront of telecom innovation, specialising in messaging, roaming, and security products.

‘We are truly honoured and grateful to have a professional of such calibre in the VOX team’ says Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO & Founder VOX Solutions. ‘His appointment represents a reiteration of VOX Solutions’ commitment on delivering cutting edge technologies for mobile operators, continuously innovating in the area of A2P monetization and anti-fraud’.

On stepping into his new role, Alan expressed enthusiasm about the potential for further innovation at VOX Solutions. ‘I am excited to join a dynamic and innovative company, such as VOX Solutions, to help build onto its award-winning products to provide value to our partners in the industry’ said Murphy.

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iProov Reports Generative AI Threats Driving Momentum for Biometric Identity Solutions as Organizations Strengthen Digital Onboarding and Authentication 

In 2023, iProov, the leading provider of science-based facial biometric identity solutions, experienced substantial growth driven in large part by the growing prevalence of generative AI-based threats to remote onboarding and remote authentication processes.

In addition to traditional identity fraud concerns, organizations must now mitigate risks driven by a rapidly growing number of threats from weaponized generative AI tools.  Crime-as-a-Service networks have democratized the accessibility and affordability of these highly sophisticated tools allowing even low-skilled threat actors to create lifelike synthetic media such as deepfakes to undermine remote identity verification processes.

“iProov has developed a science-based biometrics identity solution suite that is uniquely able to establish the genuine presence of an individual ensuring that they are the right person, a real person, and they’re authenticating right now,” explains Andrew Bud, founder and CEO, iProov. “This approach is the single most effective way to incapacitate generative AI-based attacks before they can cause damage.”


IDVerse Revolutionizes Fraud Prevention with the Launch of FraudHub

London, UK – 5 March 2024 IDVerse, a leading provider of identity verification solutions, today announces the global launch of FraudHub, a groundbreaking product designed to revolutionize fraud detection and prevention for businesses worldwide. After two years of rigorous testing with global telcos and banking institutions, FraudHub is set to be available for general use for current IDVerse customers in early March, promising to set a new standard in fraud prevention technology.

FraudHub represents the next evolution of IDVerse’s acclaimed identity verification solution, offering businesses an additional layer of protection against repeat fraud attempts. Unlike traditional fraud detection systems which operate in isolation, FraudHub provides businesses with contextual insights by analyzing patterns within their user base.

IDVerse’s CTO, Matt Adams, commented: “INTERPOL has IFRS, but FraudHub is possibly the IFRS for the rest of us, empowering businesses large or small with cutting-edge, ethical face recognition security solutions that protect privacy.”


iconectiv Recognized for Its Commitment to Simplifying Network Planning and Operational Efficiencies Across Telecom Ecosystem, and Its Support for Streamlining 5G Network Deployments

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – February 23, 2023 – On the heels of announcing advancements to its TruOpsä Common Language® platform, iconectiv today announced that the company and its industry-leading platform have been recognized with several Merit Awards for Telecom and Wireless. The Merit Awards, an independent awards program that recognizes global industries and the markets they serve, has awarded the Common Language platform with six prestigious honors – all of which underpin iconectiv’s commitment to facilitating seamless interconnection among communications service providers (CSPs), equipment vendors and the telecom ecosystem.

“As 5G deployments continue to gain speed, efficiently managing the communications network requires staying abreast of technology and introducing distinctive features, while also prioritizing cost-effectiveness. Our Common Language platform is helping CSPs, as well as network equipment owners, tower and data center operators and enterprises overcome network management, asset management and service activation challenges by providing them a best-in-class, standardized naming system that spans different business functions and processes – from network planning to finance, procurement, and other departments,” said Peter Ford, Executive Vice President, iconectiv. “We are honored that the Merit Awards for Telecom and Wireless have acknowledged the positive impact that our Common Language platform has on ensuring CSPs and their counterparts stay on top of the increased need to drive operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction as they aim for the seamless, efficient roll-out of 5G services.”


Emerging GSMA Specifications to Grow Global IoT eSIM & iSIM Connections by 680% over Next Four Years

Basingstoke, UK – 26th February 2024: A new study from Juniper Research, the foremost experts in telecommunications market, found the global number of IoT eSIM connections will near 1.3 billion by 2028, from 165 million in 2024.

This growth will be driven by emerging eSIM specifications that provide greater flexibility to enterprises to remotely provision eSIM profile switching over IoT devices.

The GSMA’s SGP.32 is the newest technical specification for eSIM remote provisioning for IoT devices, and enables the remote activation of eSIM profiles via an eIM (eSIM IoT Manager). Previous eSIM specifications caused network or user-interface constraints for IoT devices, as they relied on SMS for profile activation.

Report author Elisha Sudlow-Poole remarked: “Stakeholders must begin preparing for SGP.42 immediately, as iSIM standards become finalised. Standard-agnostic platforms that are flexible to upcoming form factors, certifications and use-case demands must be developed to capitalise on eSIM and iSIM market growth.”

Reflecting on Insight and Innovation: Alexey Yanson’s Interview with GCCM Magazine

We are pleased to announce the release of GCCM Magazine’s new interview featuring Alexey Yanson, Managing Director of LANCK Telecom. The in-depth discussion offers an overview of both the telecom industry and LANCK Telecom’s recent achievements, strategy, and future-focused innovation.

Alexey Yanson discusses LANCK Telecom’s significant growth, detailing our global expansion, supported by a team living across 39 countries, the evolution of our communication platform, and our rock-solid commitment to anti-fraud innovation.

Also mentioned by Alexey in the interview are LANCK Telecom’s adaptation to changing market dynamics, contribution to industry improvements, and the multiple awards received in 2023 for innovative anti-fraud solutions and telecom services.

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our longstanding partner, the Carrier Community, and, as ever, we thank Wida Schmidt and the team for their insightful feature. Readers, for the complete experience, we invite you to view the interview video.