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From the recent MEF Leadership Forum Wholesale Europe Event in Paris, Michael Trabia, CEO of Orange Wholesale delivers his keynote address, looking into the potential future of telcos and wholesale.

Step into the future of telcos and witness the transformation that awaits! in this keynote, Michael Trabia explores the exciting world of software-based telcos, Telco Cloud, data/IA, and green network practices and asks how these advancements will revolutionize the industry, offering highly efficient networks, personalized and responsible services, and seamless integration.

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MEF Leadership Forum Wholesale Europe

MEF Leadership Forum Wholesale Europe took place at Orange’s state-of-the-art offices in the heart of Paris and explored the wholesale mobile ecosystem with a uniquely European flavour.

With a strong focus on industry innovation, the day featured a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops, exploring what a mobile operator could look like in 2030, where the telecom industry stands in terms of cybersecurity, telco cloud, NaaS, API monetization and more, developments in 5G roaming, authentication and verification in voice and business messaging, and to tackle what’s really needed to transform and shape the industry.

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