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We take a weekly look at mobile and tech stories from around the world. Headlines include… US FCC makes AI-generated robocalls illegal,  Meta Platforms targets AI content transparency,  AI In Your Pocket and much more…

US FCC makes AI-generated robocalls illegal


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US has officially prohibited the use of AI-generated voices in robocalls, effective immediately. This decision grants states the authority to prosecute individuals behind such calls. The move aims to address the increasing prevalence of robocalls employing AI-generated voices to impersonate celebrities, politicians, and manipulate individuals. FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel emphasized the need to combat these deceptive practices, which exploit vulnerable individuals and spread misinformation.

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Meta Platforms targets AI content transparency

Mobile World Live

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced plans to introduce labels for images generated by competitors’ AI services. This move is part of a broader effort within the industry to establish common technical standards that indicate when content has been created using AI technology. In a blog post, Meta stated that it would begin applying these labels in the coming months to inform users if an image has been generated using AI services operated by companies such as OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google, among others. While Meta already labels images generated using its own AI tools on its platforms, it intends to expand this service to include images created by competitors’ AI services.

According to Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs at Meta Platforms, the distinction between human-generated and synthetic content is becoming increasingly blurred, and users are seeking clarity on where this boundary lies.

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AI In Your Pocket


As Mobile World Congress approaches, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into smartphone development is poised to make a significant impact. AI’s influence is expected to extend across various aspects of smartphone technology, including camera capabilities and predictive text features. In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the convergence of AI and mobile phones represents a pivotal moment, signaling a new era in the advancement of these indispensable devices. From their origins as simple communication tools to becoming multifaceted smart devices, mobile phones have undergone a remarkable evolution. The incorporation of AI into mobile devices, particularly smartphones, holds the promise of unlocking enhanced functionality and fundamentally transforming how users interact with their handheld devices.

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Mobile Money And Digital Lending Set To Drive Growth In Nigeria’s Service Sector

CIO Africa

Olayemi Cardoso, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, addressed the Nigerian Economic Summit Group 2024 launch, emphasizing the pivotal role of mobile money and digital lending in driving significant growth in Nigeria’s service sector.

Cardoso highlighted the increasing reliance on fintech and projected a 3.76 percent growth in the country’s economy. With a focus on mobile money adoption, government partnerships, and expanded digital lending offerings, the services sector is expected to maintain its dominance.

“The ongoing digitization and government backing of financial inclusion initiatives are expected to propel fintech sector growth in 2024,” Cardoso stated, underlining the importance of these developments in Nigeria’s economic advancement.

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Cellular IoT Best Practices

IoT for all

In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Robert Hamblet, CEO of Teal, and Rob Tiffany, Chief Product Officer at Red Bison, join host Ryan Chacon to discuss cellular IoT adoption best practices from a buyer’s perspective.

Robert emphasizes the importance of flexibility and preserving options when it comes to utilizing eSIM technology effectively. They delve into the possibilities with iSIM and touch upon the significance of making informed decisions about choosing the right IoT components.

The podcast provides an insightful conversation about eSIM, iSIM, and the future direction of cellular IoT solutions, offering valuable insights for businesses and individuals navigating the complexities of IoT adoption.

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The Transition of Mobile Gaming: From Snake to Fortnite

Telemedia Online

The evolution of mobile gaming from simple, single-player experiences like Snake to immersive, multiplayer adventures like Fortnite has been remarkable. Today, players seamlessly connect with others worldwide, transforming mobile gaming into a cultural phenomenon. This article explores the journey of mobile gaming’s evolution. The game-changing moment for mobile gaming occurred with the rise of smartphones and the launch of dedicated app stores. In 2008, Apple introduced the App Store, allowing developers to distribute games to a vast audience. Google later launched Google Play, expanding access to mobile games even further.

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The advertiser’s guide to interactive entertainment in 2024

The Drum

Advertisers and agencies seeking engaging experiences should consider mobile gaming, a mass-market interactive entertainment medium. While video remains a preferred channel for premium environments, overlooking the vast and growing engagement within mobile gaming would be a missed opportunity. This platform not only offers opportunities for premium video but also facilitates two-way conversations with consumers.

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The line from Google Glass to Apple Vision Pro

9to5 Google

The anticipation of using Apple Vision Pro brings back memories of Google’s “Project Glass” video from April 4, 2012, which showcased a compelling vision of augmented reality (AR) in everyday life. This video profoundly influenced perceptions of AR’s potential, suggesting it as the next evolution beyond smartphones. It envisioned relevant information overlaid in the user’s line of sight, replacing traditional screens like laptops and TVs. Glasses, and potentially contact lenses, were seen as a pivotal form factor before the advent of brain-computer interfaces and implants. The excitement surrounding Apple Vision Pro reflects the ongoing pursuit of this AR-driven future.

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Cryptocurrency scams metastasize into new forms


In spring 2023, a retiree fell victim to a costly scam through a dating app, where he was persuaded to invest over $20,000 in what he believed to be a safe digital currency mining venture. This incident highlights the rise of cryptocurrency-based investment fraud, which has become one of the fastest-growing forms of online fraud, resulting in billions of dollars in losses from thousands of victims in the US alone. Cryptocurrency’s borderless nature and the confusion surrounding its functionality have made it an attractive target for internet-based scams, allowing criminals to quickly obtain and launder funds from unsuspecting victims.

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