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MEF Advisor Ross Flynn is joined by Joanna Cox, the General Manager of the UK’s Association for Interactive Media and Micropayments (AIMM) to discuss telecoms and payments regulation in the UK and beyond and how organisations like AIMM and MEF can help businesses and consumers.

An essential aspect of MEF is not only educating about regulation change but being an active part of it by giving voice to our members’ concerns about upcoming regulation changes.

That’s why we work closely with regulators themselves and of course with other trade bodies as well. We have a close working relationship with AIMM (Association for Interactive Media and Micropayments) who are another not-for-profit trade association.

They have quite similar values to MEF as they are all about growing the ecosystem in a sustainable way while promoting their members’ businesses and brands but where they differ is that while MEF is global, AIMM is focused specifically on the UK.

If you’re even a little bit familiar with what’s been happening in the UK for the past few years, you know they have had quite a few big changes (putting it mildly) and as their post-Brexit policies begin to mature, we can be certain of one thing: regulation change. That’s why I had a chat with Joanna Cox who is the General Manager of AIMM to get the low down on what she put in no uncertain terms as the “the biggest change in UK regulation in a decade”.

Joanna told me about how the PSA (Phone-paid Services Authority) will transition power to Ofcom. The PSA is the UK regulator for content, goods and services that are charged to your phone bill but Ofcom, UK’s central communications regulator will now be taking on the responsibility of regulating phone-paid services themselves. This is due to a reduction in risk of consumers and a huge decrease of complaints. Secondly, the UK Gambling Commission recently published a white paper which sets out the government’s plan for reform of gambling regulation following the review of the Gambling Act of 2005.

To get the full details you will have to watch the video of our chat and it’s an absolute imperative that you do if you are operating in the UK or even if you want to take a lesson on how you can make your voice heard to regulators anywhere in the world.

It is essential is that all members of MEF and AIMM utilise their respective trade body fully as while we do all we can to educate our members on regulatory changes, we want to amplify your opinions and your feedback to make sure you don’t get left behind by the changing landscape!

Ross Flynn

Advisor, MEF