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VOX Carrier and VOX Technologies merge to create an innovation powerhouse called VOX Solutions

The merger of VOX Carrier and VOX Technologies, under a single brand called VOX Solutions, will bring the innovation capabilities of both companies to create the only full end-to-end solution provider in the area of A2P Voice and Messaging monetization.

Hong Kong, June 21, 2022 – VOX today announced it has merged its two existing brands ‘VOX Carrier’ and ‘VOX Technologies’ into a single one called ‘VOX Solutions’. This new structure is reinforcing the company’s goal to provide MNOs, CSPs and Enterprises with simple and easy to implement solutions to optimise, accelerate and secure their voice and messaging businesses through innovative technologies, platforms and processes.

“The new VOX Solutions brand and logo stands for limitless flexibility and innovation, two characteristics at the core of the industry’s success. With this change in structure and repositioning, VOX Solutions is better aligned than ever to bring voice and messaging into the future and to become the leading one-stop-shop and trusted partner of CSPs and enterprise worldwide looking for innovative telecom solutions” said Ehsan Ahmadi, founder and CEO of VOX.

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Upstream expands its team in Brazil by 100% looking to grow e-commerce business in the country

With the acceleration of ecommerce, Upstream, a global specialist in mobile marketing automation, is expanding its operations in Brazil to meet growing customer demand.

The international marketing technology company, which opened its first offices in the country 15 years ago serving the major local Mobile Network Operators, today is working with hundreds of advertisers in multiple market segments worldwide.

Upstream is taking a huge step towards the e-commence sector, planning to provide marketing automation solutions to some of the top e-commerce companies in Brazil. With the acquisition of new e-commerce clients and projects in the country, the company is looking for professionals to reinforce strategic areas. Right now, Upstream is increasing its workforce in Brazil by 40%, while expecting its team in the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices to grow by 100% by the end of the year.

“Our business in Brazil is growing rapidly and that means that our local team will grow accordingly. We believe in the power of the Brazilian market, as for the past 4 years we have seen very promising growth rates year on year. With the expansion in e-commerce, we are expecting our operations in the country to grow more than 20% annually,” says Dimitris Maniatis, Upstream’s CEO.

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Consumers still prefer human support over chatbots — Infobip

While more and more organizations are using automation to simplify business processes, a study by Infobip saw that a significant number of customers still prefer to talk to human beings about their concerns.

The Infobip report found that in the Philippines, interacting with human agents on the phone holds the top spot as the most preferred touchpoint of customer service (42%), followed by online live chat (33%) and social media (31%).

Currently, there are four distinct personas among Filipino consumers that brands must consider in making sure that their CX strategies are tailor-fit for the local market.

These include affluent hybrid shoppers (45%) who use digital and human channels interchangeably, reserved high touch seekers (26%) inclined to human touchpoints, neutrals (17%) who remain hesitant to switch among touchpoints, and younger low-touch digital natives (12%) who opt for digital CX.

“The study’s findings highlight that a cookie-cutter approach in delivering superior CX is no longer effective when dealing with specific consumer personas, each with different needs and expectations from the businesses they interact with,” Infobip said.

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‘WhatsApp’s Policy Changes Benefit Businesses and Customers’ – imimobile (now part of Webex) 

WhatsApp is already the leading messaging channel in the world, with more than 2 billion users. Its latest policy changes are now better value for customers and allow businesses to initiate conversations with the customer, including promotional messaging.

The new pricing policy in effect makes it simpler for businesses to understand WhatsApp’s charges and add it as their customer communication channel. The new pricing model charges businesses for every 24-hour conversation session and varies with two factors – who initiates the conversation and where the customer is based. Additionally, the first 1,000 messages are free of charge every month.

David Creasey-Benjamin, Future Messaging Evangelist at imimobile (now part of Webex), said: “Businesses should consider getting the WhatsApp Business API because it is getting easier to get set up. The changes at WhatsApp – the pricing and the type of communications allowed, make it easier for businesses to connect and build brand awareness with their customers. 

“It is the right time. You can click from an ad into a WhatsApp conversation. You can do personalised promotions with quick replies, up-sell products using list menus, share updates with newsletters, and more. WhatsApp allows businesses to deliver an interactive experience to their customers while providing a secure and trusted conversation.”

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With Identity Emerging in Messaging Solutions, How Will the Industry Change?

iconectiv SVP Chris Drake Joins Global Industry Professionals to Address Fraud-Limiting Solutions Designed to Stop Smishing, Spam and Other Unsolicited Communications During MEF Panel Session at Messaging & SMS World in London.

Sender identity is the root of much of the concerns surrounding fraud and customer experience but changing an established technical framework has proven difficult. Regulatory pressure and solutions are now driving new approaches to limit fraud such as smishing, spam and other unsolicited communications.

During the Messaging & SMS World Session, “Identity in Messaging Solutions are Emerging – How Will the Industry Change?” iconectiv’s SVP of Corporate and Business Development Chris Drake will be joining other industry professionals to discuss emergent technologies and solutions, and the impact they will have on the industry. With multiple technologies and solutions emerging for messaging – from STIR to Registries – the session will also explore several topics, including:

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Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, in collaboration with the Rural Independent Network Alliance (RINA Wireless), leading provider of technology services across rural wireless carriers in the United States, is deploying a 5G upgradable mobile core architecture that supports existing 4G customers and provides a platform for a cost-efficient, low-touch, flexible path to a 5G SA network.

Ashok Khuntia, Mavenir’s GM and EVP Packet Compute, said, “We are extremely pleased to be working with RINA Wireless on this network upgrade project. Our focus here is to enable RINA Wireless to deploy future-proof cloud-enabled technology bringing reliable, cost-effective service and new connectivity to underserved rural America.”

Allen Bennion, RINA Wireless, Chief Operating Officer, said, “It is a great experience to work with the Mavenir team, they are committed to deliver an EPC that allows us to use open interfaces we can leverage to expand the number of regional carriers connected to our core.”

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One-third of consumers would rather visit the dentist than converse with their bank after a negative customer experience

Mitto, a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, today announced the results of a survey that delved into customer experience and preferences when conversing with their bank. Mitto found that customer experience is crucial as one-third of respondents who reported a negative bank experience would rather make a trip to the dentist than interact with their bank.

“We are consistently hearing from consumers that quality customer support is their biggest priority when it comes to conversing with brands. This is especially true with banks as consumers have greater demands and are even more particular with their financial interactions. It’s clear that brands need to continue to evolve how they communicate with their customers to ensure a positive experience,” said Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto. “By partnering with the right solutions provider, financial institutions can access technology that enables them to interact with customers on their preferred channels, support real-time interactions and ensure quick response times, which our survey indicated to be top consumer preferences in delivering a positive customer experience.”

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