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The winners of the 2019 Meffys awards voted by MEF members were announced yesterday at MEF Connects 2019.

The restyled industry awards series celebrates innovation – the 2019 categories recognising the trends, technologies and models advancing the global mobile ecosystem.

The shortlist was nominated by MEF’s Board and Advisors, and the winners got to present their company to MEF’s member working groups as part of MEF Connects 2019.

Innovation in Services

Winner: SonicJobs

SonicJobs works through an AI-powered chatbot that creates CVs in minutes with candidates, recommends the most suitable jobs and helps them apply to the right ones. SonicJobs is the first and only solution that focuses on supporting blue-collar candidates in their job-search journey, helping them build an online professional presence, showcase themselves in front of employers and find the right job, in a short time.

Thanks to an AI-powered chatbot, SonicJobs is number one app in the UK for blue-collar jobs, with over 200,000 jobs and 130,000 candidates who use the app every day to find a job.

SonicJobs has applied emerging technologies to help people from underrepresented backgrounds build their reputation online, find the right job and earn higher salaries.

Mikhil Raja, Co-Founder – Sonic Jobs

Blockchain in Mobile

Winner: Reality Clash

Reality Gaming Group are the first games studio to have successfully integrated tokenised in-game items into a mobile game utilising blockchain technology. Over 6500 items have already been purchased by users and these blockchain-based items are currently being used in the studio’s first title: Reality Clash.

Reality Clash is an augmented reality combat game which offers a truly innovative gameplay experience. Think Pokemon Go meets Call Of Duty.

As the mobile games market continues to grow exponentially it is prime for a blockchain disruption. Reality Clash Gaming is the first company to take the unknown leap to integrate the innovative technologies into one game AR/VR and Blockchain. Something we will no doubt see replicated and common place in the future mobile gaming ecosystem.

 Tony Pearce, Co-Founder – Reality Clash

Digital Life

Winner: Safe Lagoon

Safe Lagoon has created a comprehensive and intelligent solution for parents to tackle issues of bullying online, automatically alerting them to potential issues. A single app that could address daily screen time management, finding the child on a map should they be out and about; to looking deeper for specific risky behaviour and understanding message context.

Making the new connected life secure for new childers is a key goal shared by MEF. Technology and real life learning can guide parents for a better online experience. Safe- Lagoon has mixed in its product  artificial intelligence, behavioural algorithms, and contributions from leading specialists in child psychology and education to assist parents in handling issues and making sure that their children’s online experiences are as positive as possible.

Andrew Yao, CEO & Co-Founder – Safe Lagoon

Conversational Commerce

Winner: Action AI has solved the hardest part of building an Intelligent Chatbot understanding users’ requests to enable human-like conversations.

Using industry-leading technology for language processing, powers a new generation of chatbot, enabling companies to engage customers naturally whilst responding to complex requests. This technology is easily deployed by businesses, delivering an engaging and rewarding customer experience.

The technology can be offered via multiple channels e.g. Webchat, Smart Speaker, Instant Messenger, or within mobile apps. provides clients with everything they need to quickly and inexpensively develop a next generation chatbot. Advanced machine-learning technology distils meaning from users’ interactions. The model continually improves with use, and without additional programming, and this ensures an upward trajectory in understanding and accuracy. Once deployed, clients own and control the chatbot.

Dr. John Taylor, CEO –