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MEF is proud to be a supporting partner of the annual Innovation Awards 2017, celebrating the best in mobile and tech from across Africa. 

Now in their third year, the awards supported by Boomplay Music, Basebone, BBM, Content Connect Africa and Mobile Monday South Africa (MOMO) attracted over 300 submissions from across 31 countries, and are judged by an independent panel of leading industry experts from across the ecosystem, and will be held in Cape Town on November 6th.

In the second part of our overview of the finalists, we take a look at three more categories: the Enterprise Solution Award, News and Entertainment Award and the Educational Award. Check out part 1 for details of the other categories’ finalists.

Some of the 2016 winners

Enterprise Solution Award

What3Words – South Africa

what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. The world has been divided into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address, allowing anyone to accurately find any location and share it quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system. 

Without an address, people struggle to access health and education services, register land and vote. Many of these people live in rapidly expanding cities, or informal settlements – what3words allows them to have access to all these services and more.

Visit what3words

Flutterwave – Nigeria

Flutterwave is a payments platform that is attempting to create a robust digital payments infrastructure across a continent that has been largely cut off from the global digital economy until now.

The platform allows its users to safely make and accept payments from cards, mobile money wallets, and bank accounts seamlessly, facilitating groeth for banks and businesses across Africa.

Visit Flutterwave

Asoko Insight – Africa

Asoko provides data on public and private Sub-Saharan African companies to help clients identify leads, research investment opportunities and monitor corporate developments.

Combining data from locally based research analysts with a variety of frontline data acquisition channels, Asoko clients include investors, traders, global corporates and African companies who receive an invaluable resource for identifying deals, conducting due diligence reporting on the region’s dynamic business environment.

Visit Asoko

Morpheus Commerce – South Africa

Morpheus Commerce provides an on demand mobile saas solution for sales automation, logistics and fulfillment using a suite of online apps or on Apple devices.

With a strong focus on design and functionality the range of cloud based apps are easy to use and aim to help users automate their sales force in the most effective way, empowering individuals and improving company performance.

Visit Morpheus Commerce

Snode is a data analytics business, which combines mathematics and machine learning to process enormous amounts of data to identify trends, anomalies and patterns of behaviour that would be impossible to identify with a human eye.

The service is aimed at business leaders across multiple industry sectors and is designed to allow them to make well-informed business decisions using Snode’s OS tools to visualize massive amounts of data and apply predictive analysis to asses potential risk.

Visit Snode Technologies

News and Entertainment Award

Bounce News – Nigeria

Bounce News is a personalised news service that lets users customise the stories and categories of news that interests them to ensure they are up to date on all the topics that matter to them.

With Nigerian and international news sources, and a focus on speed and low data use, Bounce provides an invaluable service for people who need to keep their finger on the pulse.

Visit Bounce News

Jokko Text – Senegal

JokkoText is an innovative online music service that allows music fans to earn money by sharing their favorite music and allows artists to add and sell songs text messages to 50 countries around the world.

Aimed at artists and music lovers, JokkoText gives users commission for sharing songs that lead to sales while new artists can get donations, set song prices and track detailed stats on sales all in one place, all while allowing people purchase songs and albums via text message or credit card..

Visit JokkoText

Vodacom Music! – South Africa

Vodacom music! gives customers access to millions of songs and albums to download and listen to at leisure.

With a back catalogue from current hits to old classics, users can browse by artist, track and album name and easily download and own the music you want to listen to – as well as get big savings when subscribing to weekly and monthly “track packs”.

Visit Vodacom music!

Vodacom Games! – South Africa

With Vodacom games! customers can download all the games they want for  smartphone or tablet with no registration or credit card.

Free to browse, the service allows users to get access to thousands of the newest games which they can download for free with no data charges – unlimited gaming!

Visit Vodacom Games

Sportsie – Nigeria

Sportsie is a digital social sports engagement platform for fans where users can connect with other fans, follow updates on their favourite teams and compete in social fantasy games.

Currently covering cricket and football, Sportsie is a free service with optional subscription features that allow fans to really get into the details behind the matches, and provides an entertaining second screen to enhance sporting events.

Visit Sportsie

Educational Award

Mwabu – Zambia

Mwabu is an educational tech company for African markets specialising in providing a fresh approach to education away from traditional “talk and chalk” techniques and leaning more towards an open approach where the learners explore and learn through a range of curriculum-aligned teaching and learning resources, assessment tools, smart devices and hardware.

African economies are modernising and growing rapidly but many communities are still unable to access quality education and remain cut off from the benefits of growth, wasting human capital and undermining national development. Mwabu seeks to change this, creating rapid improvements in education standards by bringing highly effective e-learning resources into communities and classrooms.

Visit Mwabu

Kukua – Sema Land – Kenya

Kukua employs game-based learning to create highly motivating learning environments which allow students to be actively engaged in the learning process. Children can learn at their own pace, get lots of practice in a context where practice is not boring and achieve specific goals.

Kukua uses smartphones and devices to drive their educational games with a focus on improving literacy skills, fundamental to personal empowerment, critical thinking, active participation in the local and global social community.

Visit Kukua

Snapplify – South Africa

Snapplify for Education is a suite of eReading and eLearning solutions that empowers digital learning.

The learning platform can offer everything from prescribed Textbooks and resources, revision materials created by educators, to a digital library fully equipped with thousands of free eBooks. Teachers can track students progress as well as tailor reading resources according to the learner’s needs.

Visit Snapplify

Xander Education – South Africa

Xander creates educational apps for young children to engage with healthy technology, learn in their own language, and have fun at the same time.

With a variety of apps the platform focuses on developing basic skills and es including fine-motor skills, sorting, matching, rhyming, literacy, numeracy, and pattern recognition – the apps are available in several languages including Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Sotho, Swahili & Shona.

Visit Xander Education

Praekelt dig-it – South Africa

Dig-it is a gamified mobile maths challenge platform for High School learners that is accessible on a range of phones, including non-smartphone handsets.

Learners earn points, badges and airtime by solving maths challenges with an emphasis on content from all sections of the syllabus. Using Human-Centred Design processes Praekelt have developed an e-learning platform which recognises the needs, incentives and behaviours of their audience to deliver results: 40% of learners using dig-it showed improvements in the percentage of correct answers while there was a 10% average improvement across the board.

Visit Praekelt

Find out more about the rest of the finalists on the AppsAfrica website.

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