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MMDSmart. the smart messaging pioneers, was founded to provide smart communications solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our initial products focused on global voice interconnections, but we have since enhanced our product offering to include messaging, fax and chat.

With headquarters in the high tech hub located around Tel Aviv, and offices in Hong Kong, Russia, London and Kiev, we are able to attract the finest technical and business personnel staff, all focused on providing the highest quality service to our partners and clients. We are proud that many tier 1 global companies from more than 100 countries have chosen us to provide them with their business critical and highly sensitive communications needs.

As we widen our global scope, our initial mission and commitment to our customers stays the same;
MMDSmart. Connect. Engage. Smile

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MMD Smart: Good to Be Back in Barcelona

Ira Cohen of MMD Smart shares his experiences and takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2022, after a lengthy spell away from large events due to the global pandemic, and how the newly refocussed show felt like a good return to form.

After waiting three years, we were finally able to head back to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2022. This year’s event was distinctly different from the major events in the past. With fewer people and booths and seminars focused in a smaller area, it felt more like MWC events from the early 2000s.

The Evolution of Messaging – new channels, tools & technologies

At MEF Connects Rich Communications MMDSmart hosted a conversation on the Evolution of Messaging chat, led by renowned podcaster and event host Oisin Lunny. Here, MMDSmart’s Ira Cohen shares the major takeaways from the conversation.

MEF Connects Rich Communications was a great opportunity to focus on the #futureofmessaging. New channels, tools and technologies continue to arise, providing marketing teams with additional ways to reach and serve customers.

Rich messaging will change lead generation forever

If you thought SMS was good for finding new customers, wait till you try rich messaging. In this interview ahead of MEF Connects Rich Communications virtual event, MMDSmart’s Ira Cohen explains why… This time last year, Ira Cohen issued a rallying cry to his fellow message providers: “We need to market to the marketers!”

The VP of business development and marketing of MMDSmart was speaking at the Dmexco event, where his company was one of a small cohort promoting SMS and rich messaging services to the delegates.

Blockchain Podcast: Tackling Telecoms Fraud with blockchain

Continuing our series of Podcasts to discuss the role of Blockchain in the mobile world Daniele Mensi, MEF Advisor on Blockchain discusses the difference between hype and the real potential of this new technology in the mobile and wireless world. In this episode Daniele speaks with MMD Smart’s Ira Cohen, VP of Business Development & Marketing and CTO Boris Rakhlin who explain how they are exploring the potential of using block chain and distributed ledger technology to tackle the issue of the many kinds of fraud

MMD Smart Interview: Covid19’s impact on small to medium enterprises

As part of MEF’s COVID19 IMPACT series, Dario Betti asks Ira Cohen from MMD Smart how small and medium enterprises can maintain their business and grow customer relations.

While the health emergency is now largely understood for COVID19 the impact on business is also becoming clearer. In particular, small and medium companies are  suffering due to the lockdown. How can these companies use digital channels to stay in touch, and even create new business opportunities. Ira goes through a list of use cases that can help small businesses and give them the edge. Today digital transformation is more important than ever.

The 3-Minute Digital Marketing Test

Ira Cohen, VP of Marketing and business development at MMD Smart, discusses why SMS remains an incomparably effective marketing tool for brands, and why the industry needs to focus on educating digital marketers about the benefits of mobile messaging.

Interview: MMD Smart on messaging: “We need to market to the marketers!”

Last month MMDSmart’s Ira Cohen was at the digital marketing event Dmexco. During the conference, he observed from the showfloor how agencies and brands perceive mobile messaging. He shared his views with Tim Green.

Last month MMDSmart’s Ira Cohen was at the digital marketing event Dmexco. During the conference, he observed from the showfloor how agencies and brands perceive mobile messaging. He shared his views with Tim Green.

“I’m talking to a room full of deaf people.”

This is Ira Cohen, VP of business development and marketing of MMDSmart, talking about his attempts to put mobile messaging and SMS marketing on the agenda at the Dmexco event.

Adding Value to the SMS Conversation

Ira Cohen, VP of Business Development and Marketing, MMDSmart outlines how SMS is sorely underused by many marketing managers and agencies, and how the industry needs to reemephasise its immense value if new technologies like RCS are going to thrive.

There’s a disturbing trend going on in the digital marketing world. Despite proven ROI that outshines many digital marketing tools, SMS is considered an afterthought by many marketing managers and digital agencies.

Member interview – MMD Smart

MEFTV speaks to Ira Cohen, VP of Marketing & Business Development at MMD Smart during MWC 2018, where he talks about their new platform Message Whiz and the future of enterprise messaging.

“There are verticals that will use other means rather than mobile to communicate with their customers.. there are a lot of companies, brands included, that are using emails to communicate with potential clients – they’re using on-screen ads, they’re not really using the power of mobile, which as we all know is ubiquitous – so the opportunity is huge..”

MMD Smart: Give em’ what they want!

Ira Cohen, VP of Business Development and Marketing for MEF Member MMD Smart reflects on an eventful MWC 2017, and how the changes seen on the show floor reflect the ongoing evolution of the mobile industry.

“Is this really a mobile congress or is this the Detroit Auto Show?” was my first internal impression of MWC 2017. The dynamic changes from my first time at MWC 20 years earlier in Cannes, when it was still called the GSMA Conference, and even from many previous times attending MWC in Barcelona, are extraordinary.

5 minutes with… MMDSmart

In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, VP of Business Development and Marketing Ira Cohen introduces MMDSmart.

When did MMDSmart launch and what growth have you seen?

We began operations eight years ago as a voice carrier and added messaging about three years ago. Not an easy market for a new player to penetrate, but our team came from the industry, and believed that if we provided good quality, flexibility in finding creative solutions and financial stability we would carve our niche.