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The Future of Messaging Guide explores the uses cases, platforms & technologies that are changing the landscape of messaging globally. From A2P to OTT, chat bots to smart machines, we explore how the world’s most powerful medium is shaping up for tomorrow.

Part of the Market Development Work Stream of MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme the guide is a collection of exclusive interviews from industry experts, technology pioneers and the enterprises and organisations integrating messaging into their workflows, marketing and customer engagement strategies.

The guide features over 25 cross-sector case studies that examine the power of messaging in all its forms from the humble SMS and chat apps to emerging platforms and explores what’s next for messaging.

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Guide Contents

  • Introduction

The stats, trends and challenges facing the messaging industry today plus a look ahead to the future of A2P and enterprise messaging from guide contributors and programme participants CLX, Openmarket & SAP.

  • Use Cases

More and more companies are using mobile messaging to improve customer engagement, make services more efficient, generate income or save money.  Interviews include Cancer Research, FICO, Phillips Healthcare, Uber, Venmo, Virgin Trains, WeChat and Wire.

  • Machine Messaging

The future of mobile messaging may well be post-human. Meet the pioneers in this exciting new phase of bots and smart machines using messaging tech to enhance digital lives. Interviews include Duolingo, Mastercard,, SAGE and Slack.

  • What’s Next for Messaging?

What does the future hold for messaging? The final section explores where the medium itself is heading. Interviews include Andreessen Horowitz, Layer, Operator, Swiftkey and Telefonica.

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