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Enterprise or A2P messaging continues to grow as the most effective way for businesses to engage with consumers.  It’s also the most trusted form of communication with 35 per cent of consumers identifying it as their preference when it comes to trusting the sender.

Yet businesses and brands risk reputational damage or financial harm if they procure A2P messaging via a sharp operator using unauthorised routes in message delivery with fraudulent practice a daily challenge impacting the total messaging value chain.

Developed by MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme, the Enterprise Messaging Guide lifts the lid on the complexities of the market, providing the tools and know-how to help companies procure messaging from legitimate players and avoid fraudulent activity that risks eroding customer confidence or impacting service quality.

The guide walks enterprises through the different parties they will encounter within the messaging ecosystem and demystifies and defines common industry language. Its aim is to aid in the continued delivery of legal, safe, quality and reliable mobile messaging solutions and ensure the ongoing trust of all those who buy, sell and receive mobile messages while supporting the continued and sustained growth of sector.

Download the Guide below

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The guide will allow you to

  • Navigate the enterprise mobile messaging industry and understand the roles of those within it
  • Articulate the essential features that you need within a mobile messaging solution
  • Understand common technical, commercial and operational industry terms
  • Understand the nature of the different messaging connections which are authorised for the delivery of enterprise messages
  • Ensure that the solutions you buy are legal and comply with industry regulations
  • Recognise the risks of buying solutions which make use of unauthorised connections to deliver your messages
  • Make educated and informed decisions when choosing the right solutions for your business
  • Avoid making common and sometimes costly mistakes

Who is it for?

This Guide can help any enterprise across multiple sectors, such as consumer brands, retail, logistics and delivery, financial institutions, governmental, health care providers, travel organisations, utilities and many more.

It is especially recommended for those in the following areas within an enterprise:

  • Procurement

  • Product, Marketing & Communications

  • Logistics

  • Sales & Business Development

  • Compliance & Legal

  • Technical

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