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There has been massive growth in IoT in recent years, a recent forecast by Transforma Insights estimated 27.8Bn IoT devices will be online by 2030.

At the same time, the number and seriousness of cyber attacks upon individuals, countries and commercial entities are increasing too. Government are furiously legislating to catch-up and plug the gaps in existing data privacy and cyber security laws and regulations.

A recent survey of 450 global enterprises undertaken by MEF revealed that only 20% felt capable of delivering secure IoT. There are very few things more important to a business than its reputation; the first casualty of a major cyber breach is the brand.

This paper introduces enterprises to the key challenges and responses facing those who are implementing an IoT and serves as an IoT security primer.

In writing this paper we interviewed several noted organisations prominent in the world of IoT security including Palo Alto Networks, the GSMA, the IoT Security Foundation, ZARIOT and Pod Group.

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Contents – in brief

  • The Political Backdrop –Legislation And  Regulation

  • Why Should Enterprise Consider IoT Security As An Important Issue?

  • What Are The Threats?

  • What Skills Does An Enterprise Need In IoT Security?

MEF Connects IoT

IoT is scaling rapidly towards a forecast of 25bn connected devices by 2030. This fast- growing market enables the enterprise to transform digitally to achieve new ways of working, to reduce costs and increase productivity. For suppliers, there are abundant opportunities in driving these changes with efficient devices, effective global connectivity, robust security and sustainable solutions.

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