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MEFTV speaks to Benoit Bole, CEO of Netsize – messaging specialists and part of Gemalto, who talks about the goals of the business, the discussions held at MEF’s Future of Messaging Panel, and how he sees the global messaging space developing.

“RCS should see the light of day by the end of 2018 with approx. 160 million subscribers having access to that – which is still tiny compared to the global SMS market. Netsize has embarked on this initiative as well, because our goal is to provide mobile engagement solutions to all brands, whatever the channel”

“The confidence that people have in SMS is huge, you get an SMS you read it almost immediately in 98% of the cases! – the reason why you get more phishing and spoofing attempts on SMS is precisely because you trust it, so fraudsters are surfing on this – so it’s not a problem about trust, it’s about securing further and combating SMS fraud, and together with RCS, this is something the industry needs to work on.

Watch the full video below.

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