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Italy was one of the world leading markets for service take up and innovations in mobile telephony and services in the late 1990s. Will the 2020s see a resurgence of the Italian Mobile Ecosystems?​​

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum runs a yearly consumer survey of mobile phone users across multiple countries to benchmark consumer sentiment and service evolution.

In its 9th year, the study has added Italy to 12 other markets.

Italians trust Amazon more than their Government, educational institutions, and the big tech (Apple, Google, and Microsoft) regarding the use and care of their personal data. Likewise they do not trust the content they read on Facebook and, in this respect, give more credit to Twitter.

These are just some of the exclusive contents that are explored in the report.

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Gian Marco Giura

Gian Marco Giura has been involved in communication, storytelling, strategic copywriting, and corporate and strategic communication for 25 years. He has held various roles, as a journalist and manager.

In 1998 he joined MF-Milano Finanza as a journalist, remaining there until 2022; since 2014 he has become editor in charge of the newspaper’s published inserts, coordinating an editorial staff of 15 people. He managed the investor relations of three listed companies, Class Editori, Compagnia Immobiliare Azionaria, and Telesia.

For about 20 years, he was head of the press office of Class Editori, a bureau he created. In addition, he has been teaching Journalism and Business Communication at Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples.