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The Brazilian parliament is  on the final stages of the vote for the effectiveness of the Brazil Data Privacy law and at the same time discussing a new bill of law to regulate social media and marketplaces to avoid a wave of fake news to impact on the next Brazilian elections

This MEF Briefing report shares an overview of recent developments in the Brazilian legislation, and looks back at its history and ahead to how it may develop in the future.

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Topics covered include:

  • A History of Brazilian Internet regulation

  • Brazilian civil rights framework

  • General data protection law

  • Freedom, responsibility, transparency on the Internet

  • Fake news law

  • The future

Internet regulation is one of the most controversial and complex issues facing society today, involving governments, civil society, internet communities and sectors of the private sector in the elaboration of principles, norms, rules and decision-making procedures for the regulation of actions that may or may not be done in the network.

The modern economy is directly related to information in the same way that companies in the last century were dependent on steel and large machines.

The path that has already been successfully taken in creating a legal framework for internet regulation and data protection in Brazil must be preserved and seen as a model of basic and technologically neutral principles, subject to the rapid changes characteristic of this environment, but that keeps the principles of protection of fundamental rights and guarantees safe.

Rafael PellonMEF Advisor & Global Board Member