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Mobile Ecosystem Forum and imimobile have launched Rich Messaging Recipe Cards – a series of six free PDFs designed to give brands a simple introduction to the most popular messaging services.

Rich messaging has taken over the P2P world. Consumers regularly choose channels such as iMessage and WhatsApp to communicate with friends. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 3 billion people currently use these services.

However, many brands remain unaware of the opportunity presented by each messaging channel. They have questions around cost, registration, the differences between the platforms and how to get started.

Which is why Mobile Ecosystem Forum and imimobile conceived the Recipe Card concept. The aim is to put all the important information into one easy-to-read ‘recipe’.


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Channels featured are:

  • Apple Business Chat

  • Google Business Message

  • WhatsApp Business

  • RCS

  • Google Verified SMS

  • Google Verified Calling

Answering basic channel questions:

  • What does the channel do?

Information about available rich features brands can use.

  • Where can you use it?

Number of addressable users. Live country deployments.

  • Cooking method: How to set up

Information about creating a business account, getting authorised, testing and more.

  • Cooking time

An indication of how long it takes to launch live services

In the mobile industry, we are all aware of the power of rich messaging as a business tool. But we can sometimes forget that the concept is new to many brands. That's why we created the Recipe Card concept. We wanted to give businesses a no-frills introduction to the basics. I'm delighted with the results. And I look forward to launching more recipe cards soon for other topics soon.

Dario BettiMEF CEO