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Excitement around Rich Communication Services (RCS) continues to grow and enabling payments within messaging is a major natural step to maximise the potential of the channel.

Payments enable true conversational commerce whereby brands can engage directly with users who in turn can purchase products safely using a variety of payment methods in the secure messaging environment without linking to web pages or other apps is a key objective.

Today, operators can use existing APIs to process DCB payments in the background – as if an RCS message were an SMS

message and brands can also route users outside an RCS message session to a specialist web payment page for card payments. But ultimately, in order to make a purchase quick, safe and contained inside the RCS app, the industry needs to agree appropriate technical specifications.

MEF’s Future of Messaging and Payments working groups are driving industry debate and this whitepaper shares their views, analysing the key factors for RCS payments, exploring its potential and showcasing early examples of creative and practical solutions within live RCS services.

  • The journey to RCS payments: What’s possible now, and the progress towards an industry specification

  • The potential of RCS payments: A look at the benefits of message-based transactions

  • Use Cases: Live trials and proofs of concept from Vodafone, Orange and Netflix

  • A look at the competition: the OTTs / Payment strategy at WhatsApp, Instagram and WeChat

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“‘Among the MEF community, payments and messaging are merging once again –as they did 20 years ago in the first mobile entertainment services. The pathway to payment in RCS has started. In an omnichannel world, this may represent the first viable messaging payment model. Learn now, deploy everywhere.’”

Dario BettiCEO, MEF