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On the 29th of September 2020, 16 members of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum were revealed as the initial signatories of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for developing the RCS ecosystem in an open and interconnected way. The MOU is open to all ecosystem participants, with no limitation. Click here to download. More have joined since the first announcement with a current list below.

The RCS ecosystem will replace texting messages with multimedia services for both person to person and business messaging. The OTT solutions have managed to gain great reach rapidly, but only SMS provides a universal communication service available to all users. RCS will require time to develop with the same reach of SMS, it needs the support from operators, device, and platform vendor and replacing the existing device base.

The MOU is a way to reaffirm the principles that this will remain an open platform where all users will be able to receive and send messages and all businesses will be able to converse with their customers.

A key aspect of the agreement is the need for full interconnection: backing full interconnection of services so that brands can easily discover and integrate RCS business messaging into their communication campaign.
In terms of P2P communication, interconnection is equally important.

MEF is the secretariat for this initiative. If you would like to become a signatory please contact us at

MOU - 22 Signatories as at January 4 2021

Apprentice Valley






Interop Technologies




Ooredoo Group


Tata Communications

Telefónica Global Solutions


TPG Telecom

Union Wireless

Messaging is still at the core of the SMS. The strength of SMS is its universality and the industry does not want to run the risk that proprietary approaches to the RCS solution might limit the ability to one mobile user to send messages to another.

The evolution of this dynamic and successful market will bring many innovations to the users and to the enterprise clients.

The signatories of this memo want to open the doors to a multitude of ideas from developers and other parts of the industries to build on the potential of RCS. If you are interested in signing or discussing the MOU, please get in touch.

Dario BettiMEF CEO