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Creative Clicks is a performance-based user acquisition platform that empowers brands to connect with high intent customers on a massive scale.

Driven by machine learning technology analyzing big data, Creative Clicks facilitates reaching the right users at the right time, enabling you to acquire quality users at scale. From social, search, programmatic to native and (in-app) display, we supply a massive scale through our unique and owned media supply and our strong network of 36,000 vetted partners.

We provide marketers with fully transparent KPI-driven mobile marketing solutions for installs, in-app purchases, leads, sales, and any other action-driven ad metric.

Our teams optimize campaign performance using ad data including behavioral, geo-location, device, OS, creative type, etc., fully compliant with legislation. We provide fully transparent results in conjunction with your MMP.

At Creative Clicks, we are committed to the success of our ad partners. We believe this can be achieved with our proprietary fraud detection software and our expert dedicated fraud monitoring team. We will protect your ad spend and help you achieve your long-term growth goals with complete transparency.

Our creative studio, excels in using a combination of creativity and data analytics to craft powerful, audience-focused campaigns that stand out and deliver measurable results. Our team of skilled creatives is adept at developing engaging content, such as video and interactive media, while our optimization platform helps us understand which creative elements are most effective through split testing. Our omnichannel approach encompasses all stages of the marketing funnel, enabling us to drive conversions and acquisition effectively. We rely on real-time data to guide our efforts, ensuring that our campaigns are always relevant and impactful.