Company Profile/

ALARIS LABS is a software developing company that provides a suite of products enabling voice wholesale and SMS hubbing.

Voice carriers can benefit from ALARIS inVOICE – a high-capacity billing and routing solution that facilitates partner management and ensures real-time routing with a manual or dynamic approach on a number of softswitches and SBCs over the SIP 300/302 API.

ALARIS MESSAGING TOOLKIT is a set of products helping mobile carriers and aggregators efficiently run messaging business. SMS aggregation can be efficiently organized with Alaris SMS Platform – an all-in-one system to handle one or two-way A2P and P2P traffic via a multitude of protocols and OTT APIs is supplemented with a vast variety of business features: efficient carrier and rate management, real-time routing, event and session-based billing, volume and swap deals, reporting and analysis.

Enterprise messaging is powered by Alaris Campaign Portal – an omnichannel solution enabling B2C A2P messaging for retail brands. The highest degree of mobile network protection is achieved by means of Alaris SMS Firewall that filters all MNO traffic over SS7 and SMPP based on intelligent rules analyzing message content, Sender ID, source GT, traffic volume patterns in order to detect SIM boxes, grey routes and other types of fraud.