Company Profile/


Equence was born in 2011 & re-founded in 2016 by group of engineers who wanted to prove that the customer doesn’t need to compromise on speed and accuracy of message delivery. We are a forward-looking company focused on building products and solutions over cutting edge technologies that are needed by any digital communication ecosystem.

Actionable analytics and intelligence
Equence gives you an analytics dashboard to give you a clear view of all the metrics that matter. You can stay on top of all your campaigns with real-time insights and crucial figures.

Scalable for any industry
We like to be there for everyone. Hence our platform has diverse optimizations for every industry. Since all of us need to communicate as a business at some point or another, we make it easy for you with our customizations. So you don’t have to worry about too much technical stuff, and just focus on communicating with your customers.

Expert support, anytime you want
Equence has an energetic workforce that is always ready to help. All you need to do is give us a holler! We have experts available round the clock.

Global Reach
Needless to say, it is important to reach every valued customer, no matter where they are. Equence enhances the SMS reachability in any county.

The security you always wanted
We’re used to having a high volume of data from clients across the globe. But that data is always secure. We ensure full transparency in our services, and you’ll always know how our API is handling your data and how it’s stored.

99.99% service uptime
Now this is a quality you can actually rely on. We’ll ensure that our servers are serving you with an uptime up to 99.999% reliability. We can give you that in writing