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Deadline: 26th February at 1pm CET

Stephanie Lashley - Bandwidth
Senior Director, Product Management

Stephanie is responsible for the operational, financial, and strategic management of Bandwidth’s messaging products and leads a team of Product Managers focused on the optimization and operationalization of these products to serve Bandwidth’s customers. Stephanie is a strong relationship builder and in her current role, leads Carrier Relations and Provider Management for Domestic and Global Messaging.  Prior to joining Bandwidth, Stephanie managed Value Added Services including Voice and Messaging Products at Sprint.  Stephanie’s career at Sprint spanned over 15 years and included her collaboration with CTIA to create messaging industry policy.   

A proud MEF member and contributor to the SMS Code of Conduct, Stephanie has written sections of the MEF WhitePaper on 10DLC Messaging, while participating in MEF’s events panels. Stephanie sees MEF as an important partner of the US Messaging ecosystem, a strategic driver of collaboration, excellence and ethics. 

If elected as a Board member, Stephanie will:  

  • Drive initiatives in the US to collectively address issues that negatively impact the messaging industry 
  • Lead cross-industry forums to address unwanted messages in the messaging ecosystem 
  • Promote the SMS Code of Conduct far and wide  
  • Strengthen MEF membership and quality of shared information   

Anurag Aggarwal - GMS
Chief Revenue Officer - Enterprise Business

Anurag is a seasoned industry veteran with over a decade of experience in the CPaaS ecosystem. He has been instrumental in building Tata Communications’ A2P messaging business, launching Blockchain initiatives at Tanla Platforms and leading the Growth vertical at Globe Teleservices. Now, Anurag has taken the helm of the Enterprise Business at GMS, a very engaged and active MEF member.

As a consistent contributor to the industry, Anurag has been an MEF Board member from 2020 – 2023 and is part of MEF’s Compliance Committee. Additionally, he’s a Board Advisor and Founding chair of i3forum’s Messaging Fraud Workgroup, where key global Carriers work together to fight spam and fraud. Anurag also hosts the “Humans of Telecom” podcast, which delves into the ‘human side’ of some of the most well-known individuals within our telecom industry.

Consistently, Anurag’s MEF tenure has focused on two core pillars:

  1. Fostering industry collaboration within MEF and with external bodies like Hyperscalers and CPaaS providers, and enhancing collaboration among industry bodies such as i3forum and GLF carrier community.
  2. Keeping MEF at the forefront of knowledge leadership by engaging in discussions around fraud prevention, industry innovations, and fostering a culture of learning and growth.

Andrew Bud, CBE FREng - iProov
Founder & CEO

MEF today is even more relevant and exciting than it was when I helped found it in 2000. It’s the only trade association in our industry that engages the whole value chain, instead of just representing one sectoral interest.  That’s what makes it a forum rather than a phalanx, a force for collaboration, and for jointly creating value. 

The industry today is unrecognisable compared to that of 2000, or even of 2008, when I was first elected chairman. That’s what makes the MEF so fascinating – we continuously evolve to meet the changing challenges, and our impact continuously grows.  For example, today I am excited about the future role MEF should play in the use of AI by our industry. 

My contribution to the Board is threefold. Firstly, to provide some institutional vision, rooted in the past but absolutely focused on the future.  Secondly, to support the organisation’s growing activities in the crucial areas of digital identity, security and authentication, areas where I have sectoral expertise and commitment. 

And thirdly, to lead the board in its governance roles, ensuring that MEF continues to earn the trust of you, the members, not just in what we do, but how we do it. 

I would be delighted to have, once again, your support to serve this unique, exciting and important organisation. 

Andrey Insarov -
Founder & CEO

I’m a serial entrepreneur and ever since I found the first clients for my first major business well over a decade ago (fellow MEF member, business messaging company Intis Telecom) by knocking on the doors of dentists to talk about the benefits of business SMS, I’ve lead from the front.

I know just how important it is to network with stakeholders from across the industry. No matter how much experience you have, there is always something new to learn. Sharing insights with one another is a crucial part of the learning process and I’ve seen over the years I’ve been active across MEF how the community is the perfect neutral platform, providing numerous opportunities each month for companies from around the world to get together to interact, share and develop insights, ultimately impacting everybody positively. Great perspective.

Leverage everything MEF has to offer and you’ll see how great a place it is for members to raise their brand profile and grow their businesses. Vote for me and you’ll be voting for somebody with both energy and vision to help both the MEF of today and the future.

Dr. Marco Lafrentz - netnumber
Vice President, Business and Market Development

Today’s mobile ecosystem is at a tipping point. It may either crumble under the dramatically increased fraud or win the battle to continue its growth. That in itself is the mission statement for MEF, and underscores the importance behind its ongoing efforts.

In a rapidly evolving industry, and across a rapidly changing world, communications are fundamental to nearly every human endeavor — be it technological innovation, business expansion, or individual connection. But as we stand today this truth is at risk making me invest my entire professional life to grow and protect the mobile ecosystem here at netnumber, the world’s leading phone number registry and provider of phone number intelligence.

Looking back at over a decade of experience in wholesale telecoms, user authentication and customer engagement, I am leveraging my experience to restore and protect trust in messaging and voice. I’ve spoken at industry events and panels and authored articles to guide the industry’s strategy. Especially in the last year, I have been active in working groups of GSMA, i3froum, M3AAWG, MEF and an early participant in the One Consortium Initiative to restore trust in international telecommunications.

If given the honor to expand my participation with MEF as a Board Member, I look forward to championing innovation across anti-fraud initiatives, registries, and digital identity protection.

Frédéric Freschel - Orange
VP Voice & Mobility Solutions

With over 20 years at Orange, I’m thrilled to apply for the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) Board of Directors position. As VP of Voice & Mobility Solutions at Orange Wholesale International, I’ve mastered product lifecycle management, business intelligence and led our wholesale telecom operations to innovate and excel.

My engagement in the Global Leaders Forum Executive Accelerator Program and my team’s efforts in managing Voice & Messaging Trading Desk operations, combating fraud, and implementing advanced roaming solutions like VoLTE and 5G SA highlight my dedication to a secure and progressive mobile network industry.

I’ve navigated diverse roles, from sales account manager to spearheading strategic initiatives across Orange’s 26 countries in Europe and Africa, showcasing my adaptability and success in a fast-paced market. My education from Paris Dauphine University and ESSEC Business School has solidified my telecom expertise.

As a MEF Board candidate, I commit to using my experience to further MEF’s mission and contribute to our industry’s growth and sustainability. I’m ready to bring diverse perspectives and advocate for all stakeholders. Let’s work together for a future driven by innovation, security, and collaboration.

Vote for me for the MEF Board of Directors – let’s connect the world with excellence and integrity.

Arun Dehiri - Red Dawn Consulting
Managing Director

I am Arun Dehiri, Managing Director of Red Dawn Consulting.

After 30 years of a dedicated career in the telecoms industry, it’s time for me to give back. That’s why I’m seeking your vote to serve the MEF.

Now that the mobile industry is at that exciting stage of convergence, the board needs someone with hands-on experience across the entire ecosystem.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant from PWC, I’ve had key roles within Sky and Orange and since then I’ve been advising global leaders on digital growth strategies. I have had vast experience working on boards including Analysys Mason and as Chair of the International MVNO Association. I have led projects in every continent for mobile operators and tech innovators including BT, Verizon, Sinch, Amdocs etc. I’ve worked on dozens of MVNO projects, leading to an award of the Most Influential Wholesale Executive.

This experience leads to my core values around social good, sustainability, customer trust.

My contribution to MEF will centre around 3 themes:

1. Regulation and policy. Extending from the work with global regulators such as Ofcom

2. Fostering innovations. Including emerging topics AI, satellite, IoT etc.

3. Boosting wholesale models in an ever-converging landscape

With your vote I promise to serve the MEF to make the ecosystem ready for the future.

Robert Gerstmann - Sinch
Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder

I have been in the mobile business communications space for over 20 years and as Chief Evangelist I spend a lot of time on mobile ecosystem related questions.

I have been on the MEF Board since 2018 and I previously served on the MEF EMEA Board. My main contributions over the years have been:

  • In the Future of messaging programme where I have been driving or been involved in the work with the A2P SMS code of conduct and business SMS fraud framework, our work against AIT, putting a spotlight on data protection and business SMS, the creation of the UK Sender ID Protection Registry and the emergence of RCS as a vital business messaging channel
  • As vice-chair to strengthen MEF as an organization providing input on our strategic direction so as to ensure that MEF remains relevant as CPaaS and the mobile ecosystem continuously evolves, and by serving on the financial committee ensure that MEF has the financial strength to be able to deliver the value to our members that they expect and deserve.

Should I get elected I will continue the work to help make the mobile ecosystem thrive to the benefit of all our members in general and contribute to the continued positive evolution of the business messaging space in particular.

Amira Akra - Vodafone
Product Manager - Messaging

Having always been in the Telecommunications industry and experiencing the different aspects of the business; from Research to Business Development to Project and Product management, makes the best fitting combination to be added to the MEF Board. If selected, I want to partake in the journey of strengthen the bonds between the MEF members regardless of the organizations’ nature, size or location.

Since every unique MEF participant has a strength and can bring an added value, by tying this up, we will achieve the global connectivity and best quality experiences to the end users, who are the ultimate goal for all of us.

I would look forward to highlighting the big possibilities on Messaging in all its folds, as this is my current passion and point of focus as a product manager at Vodafone Germany. However, we can not overlook services that MEF is also passionate about like, identity, payment, IOT, mobile ads and others where there is a chance to make them complement each other. So, let us bring diversity into products and offerings! Let us make the world a global village again!

Thank you for your votes.

Stanley Manzini - VOX Solutions
Director Strategic Partnerships

An accomplished executive director with over 20 years experience leading diverse multinational teams to drive business growth in the telecommunications, media and public sector industries. across Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Worked for companies such as Vodafone, Saudi Telecom, EDCH ( Part  of Etisalat , Roamconsult, Infobip,etc

Our industry requires that we collaborate in problem solving and leveraging on everyone’s expertise and this serves as a foundation for MEF and its partners.

If I was to be elected I would ensure to focus on educating the MEF members about the industry trends for current and future developments as I strongly believe that, well informed people make informed decisions which benefit the customer and there is no better business strategy like having a satisfied customer.

Having worked in Asia for almost a decade I would also ensure that we expand the collaboration and engagement with the relevant stakeholders.

MEF Board Elections 2024

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