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MEFFYS Entry rules


All entries must have been conceived by companies that can claim an impact on the four categories.

  • Protecting the Mobile Customer – The efforts to protect end users from the impact from cyber threats
  • Richer Mobile Customer Engagement – Encourage participation of customers
  • Mobile Monetisation – Creating new business Models, opportunities and
  • COVID19 – Mobile Response – Serving the wider Community during the Pandemic.

There is no fee to entry, the competition is open to ALL companies.


Nominations can be provided by

  • A MEF Member (as listed during the period of validity of the competition)
  • A MEF Advisor (as listed during the period of validity of the competition )

Nominations must reach MEF by email  or on the webpage. The deadline to submit nominations is 29th January 2021.

If entries do not comply with the entry guidelines, they may be disqualified at the discretion of the MEF team.


The Winner of the MEFFYS is selected by the qualified entry with the highest number of votes in a certain category.

The entries will be displayed on the MEF website

Only registered users can vote for the MEFFYS winners. Registered users include;

Language Entries

The Meffy Award is global, all languages are supported. However, the entry must be accompanied by an English-language translation – but material can be in other language.

For registration inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, contact us