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India’s mobile market has been experiencing exponential growth and significant transformations. With a population exceeding 1.3 billion people, India has emerged as one of the largest and fastest-growing mobile markets globally. The country has witnessed a rapid increase in smartphone adoption, driven largely by affordable devices and widespread availability of mobile data. In this event, supported by Globe Teleservices, MEF gathered the local and global market experts to explore in depth the factors contributing to the burgeoning mobile market in India.

Welcome address

  • Ashutosh Agrawal, Group CEO of Globe Teleservices
  • Dario Betti, CEO MEF

The Status of Market

Join Dario Betti, CEO of MEF with the status of market, and a new update on MEF Data.

Innovations in A2P Messaging APIs and Platforms

Showcasing the latest advancements in A2P messaging APIs and platforms. Discussing developer tools, integrations, and opportunities for customization.

  • Dario Betti – MEF
  • Zaffar Owais – Almuqeet
  • Tushit Seth – Etisalat
  • Murthy Muniyappa –  GTS TechLabs
  • John Chua – Twillio
  • Sandeep Prakash – Mobtexting

Changing the fraud landscape in Telecom space

Refining Trust: Fraud Management, Compliance, Regulation, Customer Protection and pricing policies combating with AIT, Flash Call, Voice OTP – How to draw boundaries with these new fraud entrants. How to implement AI driven fraud prevention strategies in locally unregulated messaging market

  • Pallavi Kudtarkar – GTS
  • Alok Maurya – GTS TechLabs
  • Vipul Arora – Orange
  • Jonjie Sena – TransUnion
  • Nilay Kumar – mFilterIt
  • Ali Zoomkhawala – Jio

Enabling Innovations with Globe Teleservices

  • Rajiv Singla CEO Global Messaging, Globle Teleservices

Telco to Tech co. Hyper personalized communication through CPaaS

CPaaS for a cohesive market structure
The role of APIs and SDKs in CPaaS
Best Practices for creating secure unified customer experiences
Technologies available and their implementation strategy to ensure security in CPaaS platform

  • Dario Betti – MEF
  • Sachin Gupta – Jio
  • Vikas Goel – Gupshup
  • Deshbandhu Bansal – Comviva
  • Gaurav Sharma – TransUnion
  • Kunal Mittal – GTS

Generative AI – Impact on Messaging ecosystem

GenAI for better customer experience – personalization, local language conversations and relevant marketing
GenAI for fraud detection and prevention – analyzing unstructured big data to for pattern and behaviour recognition for risk mitigation
Real-world examples of how LLMs are being used to solve complex communication problems for enterprises globally-address pressing challenges in areas such as healthcare, education, finance, and beyond

  • Brajesh Kumar – UTS
  • Eishan Gupta – TATA Communication
  • Shailesh Sakhare – Alienics
  • Vijaya Vani – GTS TechLabs
  • Rajesh B – Pinnacle
  • Muktesh Narula – Dove Soft

Telecom x Fintech The Future of Digital Finance

Exploring collaborative opportunities between telecom and fintech for financial innovation.
Discussing digital wallets, mobile payments, and seamless financial services.

  • Ajay Kashikar – Finbraine
  • Rajesh Rinoo – GTS
  • Mark Harvey – Sekura ID
  • Dillip Majhi – HDFC
  • Umang Singh Chauhan – NPCI

RCS and Conversational Commerce

  • Dario Betti – MEF
  • Shailesh Mahadik – Tatwa
  • Dr. Milind Pathak – Route Mobile
  • Dwarka Nath – Vodafone
  • Darshan Babel – Dotgo
  • Awnish Chaudhary – GTS TechLabs
  • Nipun Popli – Infobip