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The global industry bodies represented under one roof. A mixture of conferences, live streaming and networking where you drive the thought leadership. Ample exhibition, networking and hospitality space included.

Broad Agenda themes include: SMS Forum, Rich Messaging Forum, Anti-Fraud Forum, Identity Forum, Mobile Edge Forum, Regulation Forum, Forum for Change to name a few.

Day One

Sneak Peak: MEF 9th Annual Consumer Trust Study

The MEF Consumer Trust Study, which in its 9th year, investigates consumer opinions at the intersection of mobile, privacy, personal data, and trust over 13 markets. This session provides a sneak peek into this year’s results. The insights gleaned from this study inform strategy, customer journey mapping, product development, support, team development, and more.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Michael Becker, Founder, CEO – Identity Praxis
  • Barbara Langer, Founder & Director – Insight Angels

Consumer Empowerment and PIMS Adoption

In this session, Michael Becker explains the rise of the Personal Information Economy and PIMS and why the time is now for organizations to take a serious look at incorporating a PIMS into their strategy. He shares insights from a qualitative study of twenty U.S. consumers that reveals insights into key factors that influence an individual’s interest, ability, and intention to use a PIMS. These insights can be used to inform corporate strategy, product roadmaps, and ecosystem partnerships.

  • Michael Becker, Founder, CEO – Identity Praxis

The State of the US Market

The State of the US Market – Introducing transparency and accountability in the SMS campaigns using the 10 digits numbers. An in-depth look at the self regulation model picked by the major US mobile operators.

  • Stefan Heller, Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships – The Campaign Registry

The Interoperable Mobile Edge: New monetization opportunities for operators and enterprises via the Telco Edge Cloud

The Mobile Edge: Bringing the Cloud to the network edge creates new opportunities for mobile operators and enterprises. Extending the cloud to the Telco edge has many benefits, and enables many new applications and use-cases. Operators can again be “service providers” rather than “data pipes,” and enterprises can now cloudify applications that require low latency, data privacy, or extended security.

  • Doug Makishima,  CSMO – Summit Tech
  • Tilly Gilbert, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead – STL Partners
  • Ken Wee, SVP Alliance Partnership and Innovation – Bridge Alliance
  • Jenny Watts, Sr Sales Leader, Telecom – AWS Amazon Web Services
  • Ken Cavanaugh, Principal Program Manager, Azure PMEC and 5G – Microsoft
  • Rob Pegoraro, Contributor – Fast Company/PCMag

Building the business case for the private 5G edge

What is the private 5G edge?
What are the key verticals and use cases driving adoption?
What is the emerging ecosystem and ecosystem roles?
How are the HCPs playing in the space?

  • Darius Singh, Principal Consultant & Practice Lead – STL Partners

Consumer Survey – Mobile Payments

Whether it’s Mobile Payments through wallets, payment links, QR codes or directly through a mobile phone, the charge being added to the phone bill (DCB, Direct Carrier Billing) or any other mechanism, there are plenty of choices available to enterprises and individuals alike. The annual survey we commissioned allowed us to take a good look at consumers’ attitudes in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the USA.

  • Ross Flynn, Advisor – MEF
  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF

How the Payments World is Empowering Apps

What today’s consumer wants more than anything is convenience. This is especially true for consuming goods online like apps, games and other content. We are joined by the leading lights of the DCB world, to tell us how this form of payment is driving today’s apps, and how apps on the flip side can increase the use of DCB.

  • Ross Flynn, Advisor – MEF
  • Tanuj Gidwani, Sr. Manager – Product Marketing – Tata Communications
  • Krešo Žmak, VP Products – Infobip
  • Patricia Peiró Hergueta, Chief Strategy Officer – Telecoming

GTWN Digital Metamorphosis

To symbolise the 2022-23 theme of their flagship publication The Mobile Century the GTWN  has developed an icon of an evolving digital butterfly, to link together all of our activities and thought leadership around Digital Metamorphosis. This symbol was developed by our digital arts guru, Marge Salem, and represents our mantra of “the changing culture of communications” through the symbiotic relationship between digital transformation and cultural transformation. The 2022-23 icon visually conveys these two key elements, which the GTWN views as equally important to achieve the most benefit to society from digital technology.  The session will be animated by all those GTWN International Board Members attending the MEF Global Forum.

The Future of the Digital World through the eyes of the Zellennials

The time is now or never to drag the telecom industry into the Zellennial age, as not doing so will endanger its survival. It is therefore crucial for the today’s leaders to better understand how the world is changing and also how to attract young talents into our industry, something that we have been struggling with for some time.
This panel will bring together a number of young leading voices, from different parts of the industry, to share how the new generation sees the telecom industry as a whole, what their expectations are when it comes to their digital communication experience and how their views will impact our industry going forward.

  • Isabelle Paradis, President – Hot Telecom
  • Beatrice Filippi, Global SMS Sales Manager – IDT global
  • Magdalena Georgieva, Sales Development Representative – Console Connect
  • Andrés Baselga Rallo, SMS Account Manager – BTS
  • Eduardo Pérez, Sr. Lead, Strategy & Innovation – Colt

Helping the telecoms industry think Inclusively

A sneak peak into what ENEA and MEF are doing to promote diversity and inclusivity within their organisations and in the wider industry

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Monica Paolini, Founder & Principal – Senza Fili
  • Stephanie Huf, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of ESG, ENEA

MEF Climate Guide

This session will introduce the MEF Climate Guide, which aims to facilitate the MEF-Members an easy route to NetZero in 2050. The  MEF Climate Guide aims to be a simple and compact climate guide: a summary of many documents dealing with -perhaps- the most important topic of this century: our climate is changing rapidly and all companies (large and small) have to contribute to reduce GHG emissions. Our ICT sector is polluting like many other industries. The ICT sector is in a unique position to help other sectors reduce their emissions via new ICT products and services as you will read in this Climate Guide.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, Board Adviser – MEF

A Climate close-up

In this final session of the day, the CEO of explains how his company is reducing CO2 emissions by extending the life of smartphones: Pandas autonomous trade-in technology makes it easy for you to do good with your smartphone via automated solutions at Point of Purchase,  phones are examined and valued on the spot. An interesting proven concept in Greece which inspires many other MEF members to do good for the environment!

  • Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, Board Adviser – MEF
  • Fanis Koutouvelis, Founder & CEO – Pandas

Day Two

The Status of Mobile Messaging

Join senior representatives from four Business Messaging companies around the world for a robust discussion about what REALLY is going on across the world. What’s happening to A2P SMS? Are the current headwinds a temporary blip or are things changing fast and richer messaging channels now winning the day? No stone will be left unturned in this fast-moving 30 minutes market review!

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Mariam Shaer, General Manager – Sama Telecom
  • Ira Cohen, VP, Business Development and Marketing – MMDSmart
  • Uku Tomikas, Managing Partner & CEO – Messente Communications
  • Nilay Kumar, Vice President – mFilterit

The Power of Trust In An Artificially Inflated Market

Join industry analyst Nick Lane for a look at how we have arrived at today’s market conditions, the impact and what this all means for tomorrow’s market, as well as a look into the new injection of colour coming into the marketplace.

Nick will also be Introducing Mobilesquared’s SMS commercial model traffic light system…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst & Founder – Mobilesquared

CPaaS Acceleration for MNOs

Join our panel of Business Messaging experts for an enlightening (and lightning!) look into the CPaaS opportunity, challenges and risks for MNOs. What does CPaaS ACTUALLY mean for mobile operators and indeed other industry stakeholders? Is CPaaS a realistic proposition for all? Join us here to find out…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Divya Ghai Wakankar, VP Enterprise Business & Marketing – BICS
  • Kim Buller, Co-Founder – Alchemy Telco
  • Carlos Jimenez, Chief Commercial Officer – Enreach ES
  • Reza Rassool, CTO – RealNetworks

The Status of RCS

The promise of rich conversational use cases has come of age. RCS may not have had the easiest of starts but its reach is quickly catching up with the leader of the OTT pack. But in this session we want the results to speak for themselves. Join us as we review the current status of RCS, its reach, roadmap and how operators are going to market with it.

  • Michael Power, Moderator – MEF
  • Tim Atkinson, RCS Business Development Manager – Google
  • Claudine Bell, Partner Business Manager, Commerce Wholesale – Virgin Media O2
  • Marcos Rodriguez Gonzalez, Business Development Manager – Mobile Services – Telefónica
  • Mayte Martin Perez, Business Development – Head of RCS – Orange Spain

RCS Use Cases – The New Campaigns

Following on from the Status Update, we will present a series of case studies, highlighting how RCS has worked in the real world. Exploring the improvements in user interaction and engagement and the impact on ROI.

  • Michael Power, Moderator – MEF
  • Kerstin Trikalitis, Co-Founder & CEO – Out There Media
  • Inderpal Mumick, CEO – Dotgo
  • Ramy Riad, Vice President Future Messaging – imimobile (part of Cisco)
  • Wojciech Wdowiak, Product Manager – Sinch
  • Silvija Renusa, Product Partnership – Infobip

MEF Sender ID Registry

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Jason Lunn, Global Connectivity Cpaas – CISCO
  • Nicholas Rossman, Director of Product Management – MEF

The Fraud Business

Fraud has become a huge business in its own right. When it comes to the world of Business Messaging some very sophisticated bad actors have move into the market to truly disrupt it. Whether it’s SMS, Voice or a host of other mobile channels. the industry as a whole must collaborate to combat this unfortunate and growing trend. Join this session for a real glimpse into what is going on around the world, the principal type of fraud to watch out for and how MEF members can (and are) take concrete steps to halt the fraudsters in their tracks…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive – Risk & Assurance Group

 Messaging: Evolution in Business Environment

The Messaging business is up for a change. SMS prevailing across all other business communication channels for years and still being the main messaging channel in terms of user base and revenues spend is gradully losing its dominant position within the Messaging ecosystem – or ‘Messageverse’ as MobileSquared name it. Hear from our experts on why businesses are looking for alternative channels to replace SMS, at least partially, and why omnichannel is better for a business of any size, especially when it comes to security & cost-effectiveness.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Igor Skutsenya, Senior Business Development Manager – LANCK Telecom
  • Vladimir Smal, Head of Sales & Procurement, Global Messaging – LANCK Telecom
  • Nataliya Kosyakova, Head of Analytical Department, Voice and SMS – LANCK Telecom

Origin Based Rating (OBR) in Voice

Topics about voice transit can be intriguing. What is OBR (Origin Based Rates) in International Voice? Andrey will be looking at the major challenges and how to deal with them.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Andrey Gribov, Head of Sales Voice – LANCK Telecom

Right Person. Real Person. Right Now

A Fireside with Andrew Bud and Tim Green about Identity Authentication

  • Andrew Bud CBE FREng FIET, Founder & CEO – iProov, MEF Chairman
  • Tim Green, Features Editor – MEF

The Mobile Centric Ecosystem: Optimizing the Experience While Keeping It Safe

As of Jan 2023, over 800 mobile operators across 200 countries are bringing the world together through and with mobile. Two-thirds of the world’s population, 68% (5.44 billion people) uses a mobile device, there are over 8.46 billion mobile connections (excluding Internet of Things devices), and these numbers are climbing. What’s everyone doing with all these mobile connections? We’ll discuss the latest in fraud prevention, risk scoring with mobile intelligence, brand safety, and how to build out reliable voice, messaging, advertising, and related experience.

  • Michael Becker, Founder, CEO – Identity Praxis
  • Nilay Kumar, Vice President – mFilterit
  • Noah Rafalko, CEO – TSG Global
  • Glyn Povah, Founder & Director Global Product Development Smart Digits – Telefonica
  • Gautam Hazari, Chief Technology Officer – Sekura Mobile Intelligence
  • Teodor Magureanu, Chief of Staff – VOX Solutions

The BBC: a Case Study: A New Path to Value and Consumer Empowerment

Enterprises and organizations alike have a new path to value creation, the adoption and integration of a personal information management solution (PIMS), a decentralized strategy (think self-sovereign identity, Web 3.0, and Web 5.0 all wrapped up in one). PIMS are software and services that reframe how personal data is collected and used throughout and organization. A PIMS can help organizations re-frame their relationship with individuals, improve transparency, build trust, increase regulatory compliance, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and more. For individuals, a PIMS has the promise to give them back agency over their data, protects their privacy, increase online and offline efficiency and convenience, and achieve peace of mind. The time is now for PIMS. In this session, we will review a powerful case study, the “BBC Together + Data Pod” trial, Nick North will share BBC’s vision and decisions for embracing PIMS.

  • Michael Becker, CEO – Identity Praxis
  • Nick North, Director of Audiences – BBC

Best Practices for Digital Economy Regulation

The objectives of digital regulation:

    • Understanding the digital economy components
    • Global benchmarks
    • Building blocks of a regulation framework
    • Managing stakeholders
  • Danny Preiskel, Senior Partner – Preiskel & Co
  • Arun Dehiri,  Managing Director – Red Dawn Consulting

The intersection of technology and regulation

Join, learn, and share how regulation has helped or hindered innovation as new technology emerges. Noah Rafalko and Shane Unfred will spark this fiery debate representing innovator and regulatory views. Leave with knowledge that may make a difference in your product roadmap

  • Noah Rafalko, Founder & CEO – TSG Global
  • Shane Unfred, EVP, Identity and Blockchain Business Development and Product Management – TSG Global

The impact of Digital Markets Act in EU

This session pays particular focus on messaging applications (DMA and DSA Regulations) explained by an panel of experts

  • Danny Preiskel, Senior Partner – Preiskel & Co
  • Innocenzo Genna, Avvocato – Studio Legale Genn
  • Simona Lipstaite, Director, UK & Europe – Access Partnership

Beyond Connectivity

Welcome to Beyond Connectivity: Exploring the Possibilities of IoT. This panel session will provide an in-depth exploration of the current and future trends of the Internet of Things (IoT). We will discuss the major trends and developments that have been seen in IoT over the past few years, how IoT is driving innovation across industries, and the primary challenges organizations face when implementing IoT projects. We’ll also discuss the approaches businesses should take to ensure their IoT systems are secure, the unique opportunities that IoT presents to leverage data. We look forward to an enlightening conversation about the possibilities of IoT!

  • Nassia Skoulikariti, Director program IoT – MEF
  • Jimmy Jones, Head of Security – Zariot
  • Nick Earle, CEO – Eseye
  • Andrew Parkin-White, Co-Founder – TecFutures

5G Private Networks: tailoring to customer needs

The aim of the session is to explore the ways in which 5G Private Networks can be tailored to meet specific customer needs. We will discuss the features of 5G Private Networks and the advantages they offer, such as enhanced security, improved scalability, and improved network performance. We will also discuss the potential challenges associated with implementation and how to leverage the technology for competitive advantage. We are looking forward to a deep dive into the world of 5G.

  • Nassia Skoulikariti, Director program IoT – MEF
  • Marco Bijvelds, SVP, EMEA & APAC – KORE Wireless
  • Mikael Schachne, VP Telco Market – BICS
  • Thierry Leford, Director – STRATEGY& (part of the PWC network)

Mapping the Global Connectivity Opportunities in 2023

The aim of the session is to explore the ways in which 5G Private Networks can be tailored to meet specific customer needs. We will discuss the features of 5G Private Networks and the advantages they offer, such as enhanced security, improved scalability, and improved network performance. We will also discuss the potential challenges associated with implementation and how to leverage the technology for competitive advantage. We are looking forward to a deep dive into the world of 5G.

  • James Moar, Principal Analyst – Kaleido

Mobile Roaming: MNO Priorities & 2023 Outlook

Latest insights on market trends, wholesale strategies, and travel recovery.

  • Nitin Bhas, Chief of Strategy & Insights – Kaleido Intelligence

VoLTE & 5G Roaming: where are we today?

With 2G and 3G legacy networks being gradually shut down, where are we today with the uptake of VoLTE roaming services and the deployment of 5G roaming? What opportunities & challenges for the carrier industry?

  • Suzy Menneret, Wholesale Advisor – MEF
  • Nitin Bhas , Chief of Strategy & Insights – Kaleido Intelligence
  • Tandria Enrique Afonso, Managing Director – Telefonica Global Roaming
  • Mario Muth, VP, Global Business Development & Services – Syniverse
  • Mihaela Ambrozie, Head of Operations – Vodafone Roaming Services
  • Patrick George , Group Chief Strategy Officer – iBasis
  • Carlos Dasilva, VP, Product, Startegy and Business Operations  – PCCW Global

Securing billing & settlement efficiency in the wholesale industry

A look into initiatives undertaken in the industry to optimize the performance of the bill-to-cash process (reduce fraud, lower dispute, manage risk).

  • Suzy Menneret , Wholesale Advisor – MEF
  • Debdatta Mallick, AVP Revenue Assurance & Business Control – PCCW Global

The Game – History and future of the most engaging content ever existed. The unstoppable growth of Telco’s most wanted content vertical

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Paolo Rizzardini, CEO of Mondia Digital

How Emerging Technology Can Enhance Your Content & Advertising

AI Chatbots and Advanced Ad Fraud. These are two of the most exciting frontiers in the world of content & advertising, being driven by the latest technology developments. That’s why we have handpicked an expert to represent each of these fields to show you what the latest wonders in tech can do for your content & advertising.

  • Ross Flynn, Advisor – MEF
  • Nick Martin, Co-Founder – Direqt
  • Dhiraj Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO – mFilterIt