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MEF CONNECTS India – On Demand


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MEF CONNECTS India 2023 was THE place to hear from stakeholders from across Mobile in India. Business Messaging proved to be the the primary focus but Personal Data & Identity related issues figured heavily too, The latest developments and use-cases from aggregators, CPaaS providers, MNOs, OTTs, technology suppliers and enterprises were all showcased in a series of lively physical panel discussions. MEF will be back in India next year so keep an eye out for that event!

Introductions and GTS presentation (MEF & GTS)

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Ashutosh Agrawal, CMD, Globe Teleservices

Messaging Security & Antifraud: Threats Out There Today & How We Really Protect Consumers

How trusted today are the various Messaging channels? What are the key threats destabilizing the market and how do we combat them in terms of technology (e.g. blockchain), commercial models etc.? What really needs to be done to improve trust, to REALLY bring Messaging to new markets and make consumers trust brands of all types, shapes and sizes? Come along and find out!

  • Pallavi Kudtarkar, Executive Director – Globe Teleservices
  • Shalini Tamhankar, AVP Messaging Services – PCCW Global
  • Nayan Paranjpe, VP Digital Marketplace Enabler – Telin
  • Kunal Mittal, AGM, Projects & Business Development – Techlabs
  • Shikha Gupta, VP Roaming & Mobile Solutions – Airtel Business
  • Himanshu Brijwasi, Sr. Account Manager – Orange
  • Alexey Yanson, Managing Director – LANCK Telecom

The Upcoming Era of Data Privacy & Regulations, Its Impact on Indian Enterprises & How They Can Stay Future Ready For A Powerful Customer Experience

Hear the word ‘regulation’ and many people and organisations get scared. Despite global economic uncertainties, India‘s goods and services exports are on track to reach a new record this year ($750 billion) so India is on a roll. How should regulators be approaching the clear amazing opportunities open to Indian companies in general (never mind just in Business Messaging…) and the ecosystem as a whole be managing the critical area of Data Privacy? Approach things too firmly and without clarity and there is serious risk to the financial health of so many. Speakers will be providing their opinions on how stakeholders should approach these issues to ensure solid growth continues unabated.

  • Prabhat Kumar, CEO – CERF Solutions
  • Bhagwatiprasad Dubey, CISO – Axis Asset Management Co.Limited
  • Dillip Majhi, Head – IoT and Data – HDFC Bank
  • Zaffar Owais Andrabi, Founder & CEO – Almuqeet Systems
  • Vikas Goel, Senior Director – Gupshup

The Authentication Game

SMS is ubiquitous, billions of people globally familiar and comfortable with it – exactly why SMS found itself taking on much of the heavy lifting duties of 2FA. It’s been doing it for a long time but are its days numbered? Commercial model pressures, security concerns and new authenitcation methods such as A2P Voice Flash and Passkey are challenging its supremacy. The heavyweight speakers on this panel know the industry inside out and in a robust discussion will be letting us know where they see the world of Authentication today and indeed provide a glimpse of where they see it heading…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Daxesh Parikh,SVP International Business – Pinnacle Teleservices
  • Rashmi Mishra, CPO – CERF Solutions
  • Narayan Govindram Jaesingh, Chief Business Officer – Vserv
  • Ajit Anantharaman, CISO – Hansa Cequity

Conversational Commerce: Driving Loyalty, Building Trust & Monetising Opportunities

With so many mobile digital channels available to eneteprises today, it’s important the industry commuicates with real clarity how they can drive maximum benefit on so many fronts from them. Whether it’s building their brand, customer trust and loyalty or of course making money, the path to success isn’t always clear or easy but join this panel to see how the likes of Google recommend achieving it all!

  • Anurag Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer – Globe Teleservices
  • Surinder Anand, CTO & VP Product Management – Dotgo
  • Abinhav Jha, Business Development, Communication Partnerships India – Google
  • Dwarkanath Gopinath, VP Messaging & VAS – Vodafone Idea
  • Nipun Popli, Head of Operator Partnerships – Infobip
  • Srikrishna Moorthy, SVP – Kotak811 Acquisition
  • Awnish Chaudhary, CEO – GTS Techlabs

CPaaS Acceleration: How To Make It Relevant For All

My business is too small, I don’t need it. It’s hard to access. It’s expensive. It’s not secure. A look at how Mobile Network Operators, SMEs (and ultimately organisations of ALL types) can leverage the genuine golden opportunities available to them today by harnessing the power of everything Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offers.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Bhanu Singh, COO & Director of Engineering – Tubelight Communications
  • Alok Maurya, Director – Product Innovation & Strategy – GTS Techlabs
  • Nitin Singhal, Managing Director, India – Sinch
  • Girish Chaturvedi, CBO – Netcore
  • Vinay Bhartiya, Head of South Asia – MessageBird
  • Tushar Agnihotri, CEO India – Route Mobile

Mobile Identity: The Role Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Need To Play

Mobile operators are sitting on heaps of subscriber data and have the brand presence and recognition few others enjoy.. So much of this data – if packaged correctly all within data protection rules and following a commercial model that makes sense for all parties – could prove amazingly beneficial to numerous organisations when it comes to them authenticating and verifying their own clients and transactions. Think the world of Payments. How easy is it really though for MNOs

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Eishan Gupta, Associate Director, Voice & Messaging Services – Tata Communications
  • Ritesh Kumar, International Sales Maanger – JT Global
  • Murthy Muniyappa, Chief Innovation Officer – GTS Techlabs
  • Alyque Sequeira, SVP Product – TruSense, Route Mobile