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MEF Connects Business Messaging

March 22, 2021 - March 24, 2021

The MEF CONNECTS: 2021 series of virtual events are where the mobile & digital technology industry meets with brands enterprises and media agencies to explore how their technology helping business form stronger and more meaningful relationships with their customers and gain deeper and more meaningful insights that deliver improved customer UX, more detailed metrics and profitability.

MEF CONNECTS: Business Messaging runs from 22nd March 2021 for 3 days where you will hear from – and be able to interact with – the best technology providers across the globe who will share the latest use-cases and technological developments from both mobile network operators and OTT players. MEF CONNECTS will bring together the people that matter, the topics that count and the interactions that make a real difference to our ecosystem.

The success of the MEF CONNECTS virtual series has been helped enormously by the continued support of our Key Event Partner, Mavenir, a valued supporter of MEF virtual events since 2019 – “Mavenir is focused on accelerating the digital transformation of the customer engagement experience”, said Guillaume Le Mener, SVP & GM, Enterprise Solutions at Mavenir. “We are committed to making multi-channel business messaging a success for operators, partners and businesses, and MEF Connects is the right forum to bring all the players together, discuss the challenges and present solutions that accelerate reaching the inflection point of global adoption”.

Please put a placeholder in your diaries for MEF CONNECTS: Business Messaging 22nd-24th March 2021 – register today!

Agenda in Brief

Day One – FUTURE OF MESSAGING – Monday March 22nd (All times in GMT)

8:00am – EXPO Opens, Networking

9.30am – Welcome – Keynote: Consumer Survey: the way consumers interact with business messaging has changed

  • Dario Betti, CEO, MEF

9:45am – The Future of Messaging: Mavenir’s Keynote

  • Pardeep Kohli, President & CEO, Mavenir

10:15am – Market Forecast: Has Business Messaging peaked or is there Plenty of Headroom for Growth?

  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared

10:50am – 5G and the Impact on Messaging: What Will Operators do Next?

  • Mandy Kruger, Advisor, MEF
  • Tiago Rocha da Silva, Chief Marketing Officer, Zain
  • Kedar Gupte, General Manager – Wholesale Mobility, MTN GlobalConnect
  • Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan VP of Products & Marketing, Jazz Pakistan (VEON Group)
  • James Williams, Director of Programmes, MEF
  • Ravi Kiran Kosuri, Head – Presales, imimobile

11:30am – Enhancing Customer Experience through a Rich Messaging Format: RCS Business Messaging

  • Mr Tanmay Ayare, Global Head – Marketing & Communications, Route Mobile
  • Alyque Sequeira, Vice President, Products, Route Mobile
  • Vikram Shanbag, Executive Vice President – Americas, Route Mobile

11:50am – What’s The Key to Success For Achieving Great Business Results with Improved Customer Experience?

  • Tomislav Krevzelj, Senior Content Marketing Specialist, Infobip (moderator)
  • Kreso Zmak, Senior Director, Products, Infobip
  • Peter Coleman, Regional Sales Manager, North America, Infobip
  • Mohammed El-Khayat, Head of Customer Experience – Saudi Arabia | Nissan Motor Corporation
  • Igor Tasic Regional Director – Customer Engagement, BE-terna
  • Al Lalani, Co-Founder & CEO, Annex Cloud

12:50pm – Business Messaging Everywhere: How To Integrate In A Frictionless Way

  • James Williams, MEF (moderator)
  • Larissa Ryndik, Supply & Routing Director, Intis Telecom
  • Brian D’Arcy, Group Chief Commercial Officer, ANAM Technologies
  • Nick Millward, VP Europe, mGage
  • Ira Cohen, VP Business Development & Marketing, MMDSmart
  • Milorad Mitrovic, VP Global Sales, Mitto
  • Etienne Dupont, Senior Director of Business Messaging, Rakuten Viber

1.40pm – In Conversation with… Telefonica

  • Guillaume Le Mener, SVP, GM Enterprise Solutions, Mavenir
  • Angel Pacheco, A2P Messaging Business Development and Marketing Consultant, Telefonica

2.20pm – Cook Up a Storm with MEF’s New Mobile Messaging Recipe Cards

  • Tim Green, MEF, (moderator)
  • Steve Godman, Development Director – Future of Messaging, imimobile
  • David Creasey-Benjamin, SVP Future of Messaging, imimobile

3:00pm – Business Messaging Use Cases: What Will be Hot in 2021?

  • Michael Power, CEO, Engage Mobile (moderator)
  • David Attenborough, Head of Product, Commify
  • Kreso Zmak, Director, Products, Infobip
  • Matt Ramerman, President, Sinch for Marketing, Sinch
  • Alex Cambell, SVP Sales – Future of Messaging, imimobile
  • Mr. Milind Pathak, Chief Business Officer, Route Mobile

3:50pm – How Did Covid-19 Disrupt the Way Enterprises Use Messaging?

  • Giovanni Benini, Partner, GTC
  • Elias David, Head of Emerging Markets, Twilio
  • Chintan Bhatt, Senior Business Development Manager, Telia
  • Justin Reid, Director of Destination Marketing, EMEA, TripAdvisor

4:30pm – The Jury: the Industry Takes a Stand on the Future of Apps, Omnichannel and Social Media

  • James Williams, MEF (moderator)
  • Michael Power, Founder, Engage Mobile
  • Chris Pozzi, Partnership Growth Manager, Infobip
  • David Creasey-Benjamin, SVP Future of Messaging, imimobile
  • Ira Cohen, VP Business Development & Marketing, MMDSmart
  • Sean Whitley, VP of Sales, Americas, Mitto
  • Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer, Rakuten Viber

Day Two – FRAUD – MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS – Tuesday March 23rd (All times in GMT)

8:00am – EXPO Opens, Networking

9.30am – Welcome – Dario Betti, CEO, MEF

Keynote – A2P Growth Means Getting Tough and Fighting Fraud

9:40am – Analyst Briefing: OMDIA on Business Messaging and the Return of Grey Routes

  • Pamela Clark-Dickson, OMDIA

10:20am – Fraud: State of the Nation – the Trade Associations Review

  • Paul Eccles, MEF (moderator)
  • James Williams, MEF
  • Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive, RAG
  • David Maxwell, Project Director, GSMA
  • Anurag Aggarwal, Director, Messaging Services, TATA Communications/i3forum

11:20am – What is the Role of Trust in Business Messaging?

  • James Willilams, MEF, (moderator)
  • Pat Flynn, Co-Founder & Business Development Director, Nettzer
  • David Lotfi, Founder & CEO, Evina
  • Alex Yanson, CEO, LANCK Telecom
  • Charles Upchurch, CEO, Global Message Services
  • Mike Round, Project Diretor, MEF
  • Matija Razem, VP Business Development, Infobip

12:00pm – How has the Pandemic Impacted The World of Business Messaging?

  • Jose Garcia, Founder, GTC, (moderator)
  • Ricardo Martins, VP Messaging, iBasis
  • Joanna Kuligowska, Head of Global Market Intelligence, HAUD
  • Yasser Waheed, Senior Manager International Carrier Operations, mGage

12:40pm – Two-Factor Authentification (2FA): Doing Nothing is Not an Option

  • Giovanni Benini, GTC, (moderator)
  • Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services, XConnect
  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared
  • Jason Lunn, SVP Commercial, imimobile

1:40pm – Messaging in Europe: The New Role of Mobile Network Operators

  • Jose Garcia, Founder, GTC
  • Fabio Bottan, Senior Messaging Specialist, Telia
  • Miguel Calvo Vervaet, Group Head of Roaming, Voice and Messaging (Acting), Ooredoo Group
  • Jerome Gasic, Head of Messaging, BICS
  • Mitch Cutmore, Business Messaging Development, Latin America, Telefonica

2:20pm – How are Firewalls Protecting Operator Networks From Fraud Amid Unprecedented A2P SMS Traffic?

  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared (moderator)
  • Clive Steady, Sales Director, ANAM Technologies
  • Anurag Aggarwal, Director – Messaging Services, TATA Communications
  • Shikha Gupta, Head of International Roaming & Mobile Solutions, Airtel Business

3:00pm – A View From The Top With Infobip

  • Dario Betti, CEO, MEF
  • Silvio Kutic, CEO, Infobip

3:30pm – M&A Ripple Effects: The Changing Terrain of the CPaaS and Connectivity Industry

  • Paul Ruppert, MEF (moderator)
  • Alan Masarek, Former CEO of Vonage
  • Dmitry Netis, Managing Director, Q Advisors
  • Lawrence Askowitz, Managing Director, Bank Street Group
  • Prof. Bruce Blonigen, University of Oregon

4:20pm – Leveraging Digital Identities to Connect and Secure Your Business in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment

  • Andrew Parkin-White, MEF
  • Stacy Stubblefield, Co-Founder, Telesign

5:00pm – THE JURY….. The Industry Takes a Stand on SMS Monetisation, Aggregators and Account-Based Marketing

  • James Williams, MEF (moderator)
  • Anurag Aggarwal, Director – Messaging Services, TATA Communications
  • Ehsan Ahmadi, Founder and CEO, Vox Technologies
  • Ira Cohen, VP Business Development & Marketing, MMDSmart
  • Mandy Kruger, MEF


8:00am – EXPO Opens, Networking

9:40am – The Multimedia Messaging Markets – trends and forecasts

  • Gavin Patterson, Chief Analyst, Mobilesquared

10:15am – Together: RCS Vendors Renew Efforts to Deliver a Truly Interconnected Experience

  • Steve Zitnik, Interop Technologies
  • Guillaume Le Mener, Mavenir
  • Glen Murray, WIT Software
  • Gavin Webster, WIT Software
  • Lokdeep Singh, Synchronoss
  • Patrick Doran, Synchronoss
  • Ciaran McGovern, Synchronoss
  • Chris Wright, Syniverse
  • Robert Gerstmann, Sinch

10:35am – OPERATOR KEYNOTE Orange Group: a Pioneer of RCS and Conversational Messaging

  • Dario Betti, CEO, MEF (moderator)
  • Alex Nourouzi, Communication Services Product Marketing Director, Orange Group

11:10am – RCS Verified Sender: The Importance of Zero Trust and Reputation to the Business Messaging Ecosystem?

  • Paul Eccles, Advisor, MEF (moderator)
  • Francisco Riveros Fiallo, Network Deployment & Integration Engineer, Infobip
  • Simeon Coney, Chief Strategy Officer, AdaptiveMobile Security
  • Marcos Rodriguez Gonzalez, Business Development Manager – Mobile Services, Telefónica Global Solutions
  • Chris Drake, CTO, iconectiv
  • Steve Zitnik, CTO, Interop Technologies
  • Tom van Pelt, Technical Director, GSMA

12:00pm – European Roundtable with Mavenir – Dario Betti, CEO, MEF and special guests

  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO) status
  • Post Pandemic Impact
  • Use cases
  • 5G industrial or consumers?
  • SMS synch rich SMS Nationwide?

1:20pm – How Do Enterprises Arm Themselves To Succeed With Rich Business Messaging In 2021?

  • James Williams, MEF, (moderator)
  • Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer, Rakuten Viber
  • Artem Podstreshny, CEO, Messaggio

2:00pm – A Case Study: What Does Rich Business Messaging Lool Like In Real Life – Goal, Solution and Impact?

  • Virginie Debris, Chief Product Officer, Global Message Services

2:20pm – RCS Business Messaging – And How To Make Money From It

  • Tim Green, Editor, MEF (moderator)
  • Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO, Dotgo
  • Srinivas Rao, Chief Digital Officer, MTN Nigeria
  • Alex Nourouzi, Communications Services Product Marketing Director, Orange
  • Robert Jones, Head of Messaging, BT Group
  • Alexandre Gavine, Messaging for Business & Digital identity Marketing Manager, Bouygues

3:10pm – How is Conversational Business Messaging Changing the Customer Engagement Landscape Across Latin America?

  • Alejandra Hernandez, Enterprise Sales Manager, Quiubas Mobile
  • Antenor Henríquez, Enterprise Sales Director, Quiubas Mobile
  • Nebojsa Kovacevic, Founder & CEO, Kiban
  • Antonio Aguilar, CEO, BD Consulting
  • Antonio Ordax, Head of Messaging & Customer Engagement, Telefónica Global Solutions
  • Prem Gurbani, Co-Founder & COO, OJO7

3:50pm – RCS ROUNDTABLE: What Does the Mobile Ecosystem Need to do to Make Truly Rich Communications a Reality For All?

  • Silvija Renusa , Senior Product Manger, Infobip (moderator)
  • John Shirley, Partnerships Development – Business Communications, Google
  • Daniel Arroyo Arzate, Senior Manager Mobile Market and Emerging Income, Telcel
  • Mitchell Cutmore, Business Messaging Development, Telefónica Global Solutions
  • Alex Salgado, VP B2B, Telefonica Brasil

5:15pm – A View From The Top With Infinite Convergence Solutions

  • Dario Betti, CEO, MEF
  • Anurag Lal, CEO, Infinite Convergence Solutions

5:35pm – A View From The Top With Global Message Services

  • Dario Betti, CEO, MEF
  • Charles Upchurch, CEO, Global Message Services

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