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Data-based insights are crucial for organizations of all types in our global mobile ecosystem. Knowing everything we can about the origination, termination, validity, connectivity, reachability and trust associated with every phone call or message we send is paramount — today, however, even the most up-to-date, robust phone number data collections can’t perfectly protect communications against fraud. In truth, fraud can never be fully removed from our mobile ecosystem, but we can continue to close existing gaps, fragmentations and integration challenges associated with fraud prevention data.

In this session, attendees will get an inside look at what the landscape of fraud prevention looks like today, the roles and realities of intelligent data, and how gaps in data integration have appeared. Attendees will also be equipped with key insights into how leading mobile threat intel and phone number intelligence data experts from netnumber are retooling existing anti-fraud mechanisms and strengthening trust across the globe. This webinar will shed light on how MNOs, CPaaS providers, financial institutions and enterprises of all types can ensure they’re not only getting the most centralized, normalized and actionable security data, but employing it with the strongest and most comprehensive protocols.


Our Speakers

Catalin Badea

Catalin Badea

VP, Product Management

netnumber Global Data Services

Nicholas Rossman

Nicholas Rossman

Director of Products


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14:00 – 15:00


Remote, Online