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Market analyst firms confidently predict that we will see over 25bn global IoT connections by 2030. Enterprises account for a significant amount of these connections. MEF and its members really wanted to get under the skin of what is driving this growth and how enterprises are tackling IoT.

We undertook a large-scale global survey of 450 enterprises in nine key countries – Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, UK, South Africa, Indonesia, India, USA, interviewing Chief Technology and Digital Officers and Heads of IoT in those organisations. Our focus was on companies that are already using IoT and we covered a range of core IoT sectors including Automotive Manufacture, Transportation, Storage, Logistics, Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Agriculture.

A full, in-depth version of the survey report is available to members with the data tables for each question segmented by country, vertical and enterprise size. Non-members can receive the Executive Summary.

Our aim in undertaking this extensive research is to really understand IoT in the enterprise and identity key areas of opportunity. Our goals are to:

  • Increase knowledge of enterprise IoT in key geographies and segments

  • Understand the key drivers of IoT adoption

  • Analyse where enterprises are now and their plans for the future

  • Clarify enterprise attitudes towards IoT platforms and technologies

  • Assess views on suppliers and identify where opportunities lie

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Executive Summary

Full Report – MEF Members Only

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At a global level, we see that 83% of enterprises state that using technology for business advantage is the most important driver in IoT uptake. Digital transformation and cost savings appear as much lower drivers. Globally, 63% of companies expect IoT implementations to grow by at least 5%. Enterprises are still making extensive use of legacy technologies with 94% of organisations using 3G and 75% using 2G - these technologies will not dominate the future technology landscape – the most immediate connectivity technology priority is 4G NB-IoT. 5G has a key role to play in the future - 66% of companies are evaluating or have active plans for 5G in their IoT deployments and 3% have already begun to use 5G.

Andrew Parkin-WhiteMEF Advisor IoT