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Developed by MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme this paper looks at the convergence of data protection and the use of SIM Farms; and how the use of these unauthorised routes continues to undermine trust in business messaging.

Businesses are familiar with having to obtain prior consent to send a message to that unique identifier, but data protection legislation introduced in many markets over the last couple of years also takes into consideration how that message is sent.

This paper looks at the data protection obligations and liabilities for all stakeholders in the messaging value chain. It highlights how the use of SIM Farms can expose businesses to possible data protection legislation breaches to raise awareness of the business’ data protection obligations when it comes to business SMS.

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At a glance

  • Business SMS Value Chain
  • Standard and Distributed SIM Farms
  • Data Protection Business SMS Obligations & Risks
  • Impact of SIM Farms on Data Protection Liabilities
  • A case study from Telefonica Germany on how mobile networks are tackling the challenge
  • Practical recommendations to mitigate data risk

SIM Farms and the data breach risk

Understanding data protection regulation is essential for any business. In a multi-stakeholder value chain like business messaging understanding responsibilities and liabilities can be complex.

This briefing features Sinch, Telefonica and data privacy expert Rafael Pellon to explore the issues, impact and what can be done to minimise risk

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