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Who is MEF?

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is a global trade association. Our members are companies whose products power mobile services such as messaging, content, advertising and IoT. Join MEF to advance in mobile.

Why Join MEF?

MEF offers its members a platform through which to raise their profiles, strike up new industry partnerships and influence the industry agenda. We group our activities into three areas:


MEF pools the expertise of its members to create reports, white papers, conferences and other educational documents.


Our members collaborate with – and learn from – each other via webinars, virtual and physical events, working groups and informal networking.


As a trusted and independent authority, MEF can affect market behaviour. Our members collaborate on best practice schemes, industry code of conducts, anti-fraud initiatives, registries, regulatory consultations and more.

Understand, influence and monetise mobile

Membership benefits include exclusive industry reports, entry to MEF and partner events, sponsorship/speaking opportunities, working groups, thematic discussion forum, and visibility through MEF communication channels (website, newsletter, social media, magazine, etc.).

A uniquely international view

MEF has members in 45 countries. They run social events, launch region-specific initiatives and publish local reports.

Run by members for members

MEF is a not-for-profit organisation, it is run to create member value. Members elect representatives to the board yearly and are actively involved in all activities.

Introducing MEF’s 6 SECTOR programmes

MEF members do the ‘heavy lifting’ in the mobile space. To help them develop robust ecosystems, MEF runs six market-specific programmes. Each one gives members a forum to share best practices, create new initiatives and meet new partners…


Mobile messaging gives enterprises the most direct and personal communication channel imaginable. And new areas such as conversational commerce, bots, omnichannel and OTT services are taking the market to new places.

Yet there is so much room for growth. 97% of firms have yet to try business messaging. MEF’s Enterprise Communications provides a forum in which stakeholders can discuss market growth, fraud and next-generations services.


Mobile payment can be many things: a contactless card in a phone (Apple Pay); a mobile-only currency (M-Pesa); a wallet that uses QR codes (WeChat Pay); paying for things via the phone bill (direct carrier billing).

In all cases, a web of stakeholders must ensure mobile payment is safe, legal, easy to use and widely available.

MEF’s Payments programme brings these industry participants together in a place to share information and propose industry-wide solutions.


In the formative years of mobile, the ‘wholesale’ sector played a key role in evolving the industry. From roaming to messaging, wholesalers helped MNOs to deliver breakthrough products.

Today, these firms operate in a world moving to 5G software- based telecoms. This creates opportunities, but also challenges around fraud and malpractice.

MEF’s Connectivity programme gives the wholesale community a setting in which to examine these issues and work together to resolve them.


The IoT revolution will be powered by mobile. Mobile has the range, bandwidth and capacity to make the predicted 25bn IoT connections a reality by 2030.

Making objects smart will transform every industry. But only if the mobile IoT is secure, and its products work seamlessly together.

MEF’s Mobile IoT programme exists to give stakeholders a forum in which they can work through the challenges around cybersecurity, connectivity and standardisation.


Who are you? A simple question. But if you can’t answer it with confidence, every transaction is susceptible to deception and fraud.

In a digital world, the old ways of proving identity don’t work. As a result, people, firms and now ‘things’ are looking for new ways to answer the ‘who are you’ question.

MEF’s Personal Data and Identity programme brings together industry stakeholders to analyse possible solutions and explore their impact on privacy, security and compliance.


20 years ago mobile content was born. The first products were ringtones and wallpapers. But these modest beginnings spawned an app economy now worth more than $120 billion.

Yet the evolution of the market is far from over. Questions remain around billing, ad formats, fraud, regional variations, revenue shares and more.

In the MEF’s Content and Advertising programme, members meet regularly to hear about new ideas, share best practice and forge new partnerships.

Who are our members?

Our global membership represents the total mobile ecosystem connecting across borders, sectors and company size.

  • Mobile Network Operators

  • OS and Platform Providers

  • Device Manufacturers

  • Media & Content Owners

  • App Developers

  • Brands & Agencies

  • Financial Institutions

  • Privacy & Security

  • Technology Provider

  • Billing Providers

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Professional Services