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It’s obvious that SIM card-based proof of possession has emerged as one of the de facto market leading authentication solutions protecting all mobile subscribers from identity theft and shielding enterprises from fraud. While SMS OTP has remained the dominant method for this form of 2FA, an alternative method that has existed for over 5 years has slowly been gaining momentum, Flash Call.

Really hitting the mainstream in 2021, due to increased adoption by big tech, Flash Call’s rising popularity is only matched by its growing controversy among telcos and operators. Some see it as a low-cost SIM card proof-of-possession with different use cases to that of SMS OTP, others see it as a harbinger of market cannibalisation – even going so far as labelling it a form SMS OTP Bypass Fraud.

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This white paper, written entirely by MEF members, impartially lays out the opportunities and pitfalls associated with A2P Flash Calling. It describes how a more nuanced perspective is necessary. It seeks out to answer some of the key questions on every telco’s mind such as the potential risk of SMS OTP cannibalisation and what use cases Flash Call can be better suited for 2FA than SMS OTP. It also explores the situations where Flash Call is simply not viable and SMS OTP remains king.

In the end, whatever way you view it, remaining informed about Flash Call and its place in the market is crucial to navigating the current 2FA landscape while making informed decisions. Flash Call is a solution which stakeholders must gain knowledge of in order to use, monetize or alternatively prevent Flash Calls depending on the individual market situation. As Flash Call is a topic that has very little actual market research currently out about it, this White Paper filled with valuable insights directly from MEF members will serve as your crucial guide to the full context of Flash Call.

In this white paper, you will find out more about:

  • What is Flash Calling? Mobile Apps – Missed Calls

  • The A2P Flash Calling Market – The Case for an Enterprise Using Flash Calling

  • Applications: Onboarding, Login, Approvals

  • Customer Experience – the Value + Limitation for the End User

  • Limiting Potential Harm – Avoiding Market Abuse

  • The Role of Regulators

  • The Role of Mobile Network Operators