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We take a weekly look at mobile and tech stories from around the world. Headlines include… Apple has kept an illegal monopoly over smartphones in US, Justice Department says in antitrust suit, UK confirms in-depth antitrust probe into Three and Vodafone’s planned $19B merger,  Microsoft picks DeepMind co-founder to lead AI group and much more…

Apple has kept an illegal monopoly over smartphones in US, Justice Department says in antitrust suit


The Justice Department has filed a significant antitrust lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the tech giant has established an illegal monopoly in the smartphone market, particularly through its control over the iPhone. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New Jersey and joined by 16 state attorneys general, accuses Apple of engaging in conduct that stifles competition and innovation in the industry. This move reflects the Justice Department’s commitment to enforcing antitrust laws to promote fair and competitive markets, despite recent setbacks in similar cases.

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UK confirms in-depth antitrust probe into Three and Vodafone’s planned $19B merger


The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has initiated a formal “phase 2” investigation into the proposed merger between Vodafone and Three UK. Concerns have been raised regarding potential price increases for consumers and impacts on future infrastructure investments. However, the CMA has provided both companies with a brief period to address these concerns with viable solutions before proceeding with the investigation. Julie Bon, the CMA’s deputy chief economic adviser, emphasized the need for meaningful solutions to alleviate these concerns.

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Microsoft picks DeepMind co-founder to lead AI group

Mobile World Live

Microsoft made a significant move in the AI space by appointing Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Inflection AI and Google DeepMind, as the EVP and CEO of its newly-established Microsoft AI consumer group. This development marks a win for Microsoft in its ongoing competition with Google in the AI sector. CEO Satya Nadella highlighted Suleyman’s appointment in a blog post, noting that he would join the company’s senior leadership team and report directly to him. Additionally, Karen Simonyan, co-founder of Inflection AI, will take on the role of chief scientist for the consumer group at Microsoft. Nadella also mentioned that several members of the Inflection AI team, including engineers and researchers, will transition to Microsoft AI.

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The Rise of Hyper-Casual Gaming on Mobile Games in the UK

London Post

The United Kingdom is witnessing a surge in the popularity of mobile gaming, with increasingly complex multiplayer environments transforming the industry. This article explores emerging trends shaping the UK’s mobile gaming landscape, highlighting popular games captivating a wide audience. Additionally, it delves into the dominance of real money casino apps, reshaping the gambling experience on smartphones and impacting mobile gaming platforms overall.

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BofA Unifies Mobile Apps for Banking, Investing, and Retirement Into One Personalized Digital Experience

FF News

Bank of America has launched an update to its mobile app, integrating five separate apps into one unified platform to provide a more streamlined and personalized experience for its 57 million digital clients. The new platform allows clients to view and manage their full financial portfolios.Nikki Katz, Head of Digital at Bank of America, emphasized the bank’s commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions, aiming to leverage enterprise and next-generation technology to enhance the digital experience for customers.

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HID security report says mobile identity to be ‘ubiquitous’ in five years

Biometric Update

HID Global’s recently released 2024 State of the Security Industry Report highlights the prominence of mobile ID, multi-factor authentication, and biometrics among the technologies shaping the security landscape. The report, based on insights from 2,600 industry stakeholders across 11 sectors worldwide, identifies AI as a key theme, with businesses leveraging AI analytics tools for identity management and data security. Notably, 44 percent of respondents are already utilizing these tools to address evolving security challenges.

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Apple in discussions to bring Google AI to iPhones

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Apple is reportedly negotiating with Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to license its Gemini GenAI tools for iPhones, potentially featuring Google Gemini on Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update. While Apple has developed its own AI models focused on device-based features, partnering with Google would enable it to leverage Gemini for GenAI functions, such as image creation and text generation. Additionally, reports suggest that Apple has engaged in similar discussions with OpenAI.

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Why ‘rSIM’ could be the next big thing in mobile and IoT


The Universal Subscriber Identification Module (USIM), commonly known as SIM cards, is undergoing significant evolution. Traditional plastic SIM cards are being replaced by embedded SIMs (eSIMs) in devices, reducing their physical size. The concept of a “local SIM” is familiar to international travelers who swap SIM cards when abroad. At Mobile World Congress (MWC), a new term, “rSIM” or Resilient SIM, has emerged, signaling a significant advancement in mobile technology according to telecom companies.

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Mobile Ad Masterclass: How to select the best ad format for your game

Pocket Gamer

In a guest post by AdQuantum Design’s creative production director, Ivan Razmakhov, the importance of a successful ad campaign in promoting new games is highlighted. As the advertising landscape becomes more challenging, standing out and ensuring ads serve their purpose is crucial to avoid wasted investment. Razmakhov discusses creative ad strategies, emphasizing the need to tailor ad formats to suit different game genres and appeal to specific player motivations. Additionally, he explores the impact of various monetization models on ad effectiveness.

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