Company Profile/

Since 2003, we’ve been making SMS & Voice simple and profitable for our partners. Our portfolio of 270+ MNOs, PTTs, and smaller niche players, and our advanced routing capabilities, place us as the ideal partners for A–Z premium and wholesale SMS & Voice globally, at any quality and capacity demand.

Our products have been developed and deployed on some of the largest mobile networks for more than a decade with very high levels of customer satisfaction. Our philosophy of continual improvement fuels the growth of MNOs, Aggregators, and Enterprise.

Our core products:

A-MESSAGE: Direct and wholesale routes for any SMS traffic profile. We send messages over the most efficient, cost-effective routes, and deliver time-critical messages with leading delivery success rates. User-friendly SMS trading platform for all SMS traffic profiles.

A-VOICE: Fast, direct interconnection with leading carriers worldwide. State-of-the-art routing engine means we can offer premium voice aggregation and termination at competitive rates. Guaranteed end-to-end IP paths globally, thus supporting VoLTE features and capabilities.

A-STREAM: Eliminates Grey Route SMS revenue leaks, spam, and threats to the mobile network. We install our SMS Firewall, and our threat analysis and monetisation specialists pinpoint revenue leaks and implement routing to maximise A2P revenue.

A-ROUTE: Validation of home users’ networks leveraging MNP/HLR data, meaning faster SMS routing, prevents messages getting lost, improved end-user experience, and elimination of billing discrepancies. Plus weeding of inactive and incorrectly formatted numbers, which reduces SMS campaign send cost.