Company Profile/

Alienics Inc is a Canadian registered technology company focusing on telecommunication. We have put together a team of seasoned professionals who are highly knowledgeable in creating best-in-class communication solutions. We have combined a client-centric approach with purpose-built, cutting-edge technology to help clients achieve their objectives.

Who Are We?
Textify, Alienics’ SMS platform, is designed to help telecom carriers tap into the lucrative wholesale market while minimizing risks. Our broad knowledge and expanding software solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to handle high-volume messaging swiftly and efficiently. Alienics adopts a mature approach to a dynamic market, uniting talented individuals from the telecommunications and computer science industries across Europe, North America, and Asia.

Over the past decade, Textify has been meticulously built, developed, and refined, offering unparalleled service in the industry. Our vast telecom expertise allows us to collaborate with leading providers from a vantage point of strength and quality. Opt for Textify by Alienics, where we offer not just an SMS platform but a robust solution tailored to your telecommunication needs.

Alienics is your ultimate global provider for A2P messaging services, expertly handling millions of SMS transmissions worldwide. With our powerful and flexible open API, connect with numerous developmental telecom network operators across the globe. Alienics makes importing lists from your current SMS platform straightforward, catering to both seasoned A2P SMS users and beginners. We specialize in ensuring uncompromised SMS compliance and superior deliverability, removing the stress and ambiguity, no matter where in the world you are. Our focus is not just enhancing your A2P messaging experience but also significantly improving your SMS deliverability rates across multiple countries. Trust Alienics for all your A2P messaging needs and experience a revolution in your global communication efficacy. Our proficiency is unmatched in integrating with any platform, connecting with diverse telecom operators, and driving successful A2P SMS campaigns. With Alienics, you are not just sending messages, you are guaranteeing their successful delivery through our unparalleled A2P messaging services.