Company Profile/

AB Handshake developed a global system of products and solutions that eradicates all types of voice and SMS fraud. The AB Handshake System processes 200M+ call attempts daily, saving revenue for 160+ operators. 

Our unique Call and SMS Validation service stops fraud in real time with an instant virtual ‘handshake’ between the originating and terminating operators. The exchange of A & B numbers and main call events happens instantly via a secure out-of-band channel. Fraudulent calls or SMSes are blocked before any damage is done, preventing even the most complex fraud schemes, such as OTT bypass and call stretching, with 100% accuracy. 

Call and SMS Validation ensures transparent communication and fosters a much-needed community approach to fraud prevention. This is why we established a trusted community of telecom service providers, ecosystem partners and enterprises that share the common goal of eliminating fraud. All traffic exchanged within the community is free from all major types of voice and SMS fraud. The result is a radical improvement of customer experience and boosted profitability of community members.

We also have an advanced machine learning-powered tool — AI Shield. AI Shield trains on 200+ million live call attempts daily and detects up to 2+ million fraud call attempts. 

Unlike outdated manual detection or threshold-based rules, AI Shield analyzes 200+ complex parameters in real time. It detects major voice and SMS fraud types with more than 99% accuracy, which is above the industry benchmark.

When used together, Call & SMS Validation and AI Shield guarantee comprehensive multi-layered protection from all fraud types. Our products share the same integration point and were designed to work with all network types and signaling protocols. This makes integration quick, secure and flexible. Our system was designed with users in mind. This is why every product feature is accessible via user-friendly interfaces. Users can easily customize detection rules or see fraud reports with a click. 

We are actively building partnerships with telco industry technology leaders to provide clients with pre-integrated, all-in-one solutions. Moreover, we partner with other anti-fraud solution vendors, adding validation functionality to their products. Let’s strive for fraud-free communication together!

AB Handshake was founded in Miami in 2020 by a team of accomplished telecom, IT and engineering experts, with decades of experience in establishing and successfully growing innovative hi-tech companies. We are proud to be active members of the GSMA, ITU, MEF,  and CFCA. We are listed in the European intergovernmental organization CEPT 2021 report as an effective solution for CLI spoofing. We have received numerous awards, including “Most Innovative Tech Company (Up to 100 Employees)” and “Tech Startup of the Year” at the Stevie Awards 2021, as well as “Innovation Award” at the Risk Awards 2020.