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How many text messages do you receive from friends, family, loved ones and organisations of every type and size? We suspect the answer will be “A lot!”

Heading towards the three trillion mark annually globally (and that’s just the A2P, application-to-person bit), text messaging, whether it be using the humble SMS or one or many of the legion of chat apps out there, is here to stay.

But how is it REALLY being used today? Which channels are the strongest? Which countries are ultra-heavy users of it? Which less so? And of course what’s the mix between a channel being used for person-to-person communication and for B2C and B2B (A2P) use?

All of this and more is looked at in this fantastic report based on in-depth questioning of 650 real smartphone users in each of 10 different countries around the world. A total of 6,500 people. A particular focus is put on China and Japan which lead globally in so many different ways.

Yet more great insight from MEF coming to you for free!

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About the report

This report provides detailed insight and analysis into the penetration of SMS and the most popular OTT services worldwide, focusing on how user demographics vary geographically and by service.

  • SMS and OTT service preferences for personal and business messaging

  • An analysis of SMS and the most popular OTT services, detailing how user demographics vary

  • A specific deep dive on user demographics for OTT and SMS services in China and Japan

You’ll see a lot of research out there focused on the area of business messaging but relatively few reports review the whole Mobile Messaging market and analyse in-depth both P2P and A2P communications all-in-one. This report is one of the few and we trust you will find its findings very useful. And furthermore, MEF is offering you a focus on China and Japan in the research in the mix too.

James WilliamsDirector of Programmes MEF