Developed by participants of MEF’s Future of Messaging Progamme the RCS Business Messaging Best Practices Guidelines aim to help accelerate the adoption of RCS for application-to-person (A2P) and person-to-application (P2A) messaging.

The mobile industry is rolling out a new messaging platform for personal and business communications: Rich Communications Services (RCS).

RCS Business Messaging (RCS BM) builds on strong fundamentals: the success of A2P SMS services; it has support from leading players in the industry including mobile operators, Google and the Android ecosystem, as well as device makers, messaging and solution providers.

However, implementation is complex due to the fragmentation of its ecosystem. Competing services to RCS rely on single stakeholders that define the commercial approaches. RCS, as an open standard, is less rigid and has more options which while encouraging creativity & differentiation could limit scalability and effectiveness.

These guidelines have been developed by the Programme’s Market Development Working Group and via industry consultation led by David O’Byrne. They provide a framework for the technical and business options for deploying RCS BM and streamline the processes for a successful launch of RCS business messaging.

We believe that providing guidance and simplification will enable a faster and more efficient launch of A2P and P2A messaging via RCS.

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“‘This document has seen a fantastic level of engagement across the entire industry. This confirms the importance of having a place to think and discuss for the entire enterprise communication ecosystem. The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is the place for cross industry discussion, and it will continue to host debates for A2P and P2A messaging via RCS, SMS and other platforms.’”

Dario BettiCEO, MEF