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This new study, part of MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme, published in association with CLX Communications, found that fraudsters have also been quick to adopt these services.

In a survey of 6,000 consumers across nine countries about their experiences of and attitudes towards fraud, spam, SMiShing (SMS phishing), across both SMS and chat apps, it was found that 26 per cent of chat app users get an unsolicited message every day, while 49 per cent receive at least one a week.

The research confirmed that spam still affects SMS more than chat apps, but not by much. More than a quarter of consumers (28 per cent) receive an unsolicited SMS message every day with 58 per cent report receiving one every week. It found that although the SMS channel receives the highest daily occurrence of unsolicited messages, it remains the most trusted.

The majority of those asked said unsolicited mobile messages are mostly just a nuisance – notifying them of an un-wanted offer or service. However 33 per cent said that they had received a SMiShing message aiming to trick them into disclosing personal data such as bank details or passwords for online services.

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Key Takeaways

  • 26 per cent of chat app users and 28 per cent of SMS users receive a spam message every day

  • 33 per cent have received an SMS phishing message

  • SMS more trusted than other messaging channels

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