Company Profile/ provides the service that enables users to obtain real-time status information on over 4 billion mobile numbers directly from network operators.

Founded by CEO David Morris in 2005, HLR Lookup was originally developed to serve our needs as part of our SMS messaging service. When transiting millions of SMS messages per day, it became necessary to know in advance if a telephone number was real and contactable before paying to send an SMS.

With no other service available in the market to provide this information, David spent a couple of years developing and refining the initial iteration of the service. During the process, he realised that other companies would also find the service beneficial and after securing a small number of early adopters, David reinvested all money into the product and began to build the service you see today.

With a highly technical team, we continually research and develop successful technical solutions in the mobile space and drive technological progress in the sector. We work with clients in the financial industries, marketing, telecommunications, retail, call centres, data providers and data management companies worldwide.

Our fundamental infrastructure provides scalability and reliability for customers. Built in-house from the ground up by our developers, we have a premium platform that allows our team to develop and innovate quickly.