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There are two sides to every engagement: for years, we’ve focused on the individual. We’ve leveraged personal data and individual identity to authenticate individuals, comply with know your customer (KYC) and similar regulations, combat and mitigate fraud, and serve people by streamlining engagements along every step of the journey. This focus has served us well, but it is time to recognize the other half of the engagement equation—organisational identity.

At this year’s MEF CONNECTS Personal Data and Identity event we introduced organisational identity; a new approach for combating fraud at the source, securing and streamlining online, offline, and ‘phygital’ engagements, and re-establishing trust throughout the world’s economies. Organisational identity establishes a root of trust; not just for an organisation but also for its agents—employees, messages, machines, and bots.

MEF CONNECTS Personal Data and Identity – ID & AUTH – Highlights Reel

Welcome Address

  • Dario Betti, CEO – Mobile Ecosystem Forum
  • Andrew Bud CBE FREng FIET, Founder & CEO iProov, MEF Chairman, mBlox Founder, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

The ID and Auth Landscape: The Identity Nexus and Why ART Must Be True

The personal and organizational data and identity landscape is a tapestry of market forces—culture, technology, regulations, commercials, and politics. For markets to function, we need to stave to solve The Identity Nexus Equation and understand why ART must be true. Michael Becker will juxtapose personal data & identity and organizational identity and explain why we must strive to achieve The Identity Nexus. A surprise guest will help him explain why ART must be True.

  • Michael Becker, PD&I Advisor – MEF
  • Randy Warshaw, Co-Founder & CEO – Provenant Inc.

The Power of Data as an Identifier: How it is Collected and Used for Good and Bad

As industry leaders, we have a  duty to evolve constantly and to ensure that we are keeping people, their activities, identities, and data safe, as well as to ensure their communications and online & phygital experiences are as safe, secure, and seamless as possible. In this session. Bradley Greer will explore the world of fraud and the harms that can befall people when they use Internet and telecom services, and what the industry is doing to mitigate these harms.

  • Bradley Greer, Senior Director, Data Solutions & Partnerships – netnumber Global Data Services

Who’s Calling or Messaging Me? Contemporary Strategies and Managing Identifying The Good and Bad Actors

Robocalls, smashing, account takeovers, and so many other threats are on the rise. These threats are costing organizations and individuals alike billions and are harming us all in other ways—they’re causing anxiety, loss of time and reputation, identity left, eroding trust, and more. The facts are simple, bad actors are slipping through the cracks and causing harm, and good actors are getting blocked. In this session, we’ll explore what the industry is doing to maintain a safe, secure, and reliable mobile ecosystem. We’ll explore programs like STIR/SHAKEN, The Campaign Register, Sender ID, and more. The panelist will help you understand what you need to know, consider, and do to protect your business and your customers.

  • Eli Katz, Founder & CEO – XConnect
  • Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive – Risk & Assurance Group
  • Soren Schafft, Founder & CEO – The The Campaign Registry
  • John Bruner, President & CEO – Aegis Mobile

The Dawn of Decentralized Organizational Identity

Identity and authentication become a means for customer lock-in and high costs with an unfriendly user interface. There are better conditions for mass adoption: Verifiable credentials offer a way out by addressing these technical and business shortcomings. That is a brand new technology following a different mantra of self-sovereign identity. These concepts require a change in thinking about new platforms and applications. And change needs time or colossal market pressure. The keynote will shed light on recent national and global developments such as the UK Trust Framework, EIDAS, and the Financial Transparency Act.

  • Stephan Wolf, CEO – Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

Introducing Entity Identity: the Path to Building Trust and Engagement with KYC

In her keynote, entity identity expert, Rebekah Johnson, introduces a repeatable model for implementing a KYC-based (Know Your Customer) identity vetting framework to establish trust all the way down to the root identity communicating. Not only does this protect consumers from fraud, it also gives total control back to the originating identity to decide how, where, and when its digital identity is displayed to its consumers, negating the ability for anyone else along the communications path to manipulate, abuse, or alter root identity. Rebekah will also share lessons learned from federal and regulatory initiatives to combat fraud in the evolving communications landscape and identify practical steps the industry can take right now to re-build trust and engagement between entity and consumer using KYC.

  • Rebekah Johnson, Founder and CEO – Numeracle

The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Organizational Credentials

In this session, our speakers will explore the details of organizational identity credentials. What they are, the different approaches to accessing and managing them, what you can do with them, and how they’ll evolve.

  • Rebekah Johnson, Founder and CEO – Numeracle
  • Timothy Ruff, Co-Founder – Digital Trust Ventures
  • Stephan Wolf, CEO – Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation
  • John Bruner, President and CEO – Aegis Mobile
  • Ian Deakin, Principal Technologist – ATIS

Embracing Zero Trust: Harnessing Organizational Identity for Secure Telecom Services

What does implementing organizational identity look like for telecommunications service providers? What problems can it solve, who benefits from it, and how can it be practically applied? How can organizational identity help telecommunications service providers enhance the value of services they offer to enterprises, enabling them to strengthen the brand’s engagement with customers, build solid reputations, and prevent impersonators? By putting organizational identity into action, can we better protect consumers from fraud, satisfy regulatory concerns, and empower individuals with informed decision-making and control, thereby fostering a broader ecosystem of trust? We will consider practical examples of how we can achieve this together.

  • Michael Becker, CEO – Identity Praxis, Inc.
  • Randy Warshaw, Co-founder & CEO – Provenant Inc.
  • Simon Wood, CEO – Ubisecure

Dignified Identity Project: A Kenya Red Cross Society Identity Case Study

Priyanka Patel will share the background, development, and execution of the Kenya Red Cross Society’s Dignified Identity (DIGID) Project, an initiative supported by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC).

  • Priyanka Patel, Innovation Manager – Kenya Red Cross Society

What Role Should and Does Government Play in the ID & AUTH Ecosystem Evolution?

Government has an important role in the evolution of ID & Auth, but how? This is the topic of this session. We’ll explore the concepts of legislation, policy governance, regulation, public trust, inclusion, equity, equality, security, and of course, technology. We’ll compare and contrast what governments “could” and “should” be doing and how the answers to these questions may change each country and each context.

  • Michael Becker, PD&I Advisor – MEF
  • Alison McDowell, Co-Founder – Beruku Advisory
  • Ellery Shentall, Policy Advisor – UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

The Implications of eIDAS for People and Businesses

eIDAS 2.0 is the world’s largest digital credentials project. The mixture of the “stick” of regulation, and the “carrot” of vastly better digital processes and experiences, promises to bring rapid uptake and extensive innovation. This session will describe some of the implications of eIDAS 2.0 for people and businesses. It looks at both the positive and negative sides of this important new initiative, and describes what you can expect over the next 24 months.

  • Andrew Tobin, Commercial Director, Europe, Digital Trust Services – Gen

Nothing but Revolutionary: OpenWallets and the Customer Journeys

In this session, the speakers will discuss the UK Digital Identity and Trust Framework, SmartData, and the intermediary data regulations. They will explore the benefits of a framework and how these regulations and related efforts are driving to create a fruitful environment for market growth, consumer safety, and competition.

  • Daniel Goldscheider, Founder and Executive Director – OpenWallet Foundation
  • David Palmer, Blockchain and Business IoT Lead – Vodafone
  • Marie Austenaa, Head of Digital Identity – Visa
  • Andrew Tobin, Commercial Director, Europe, Digital Trust Services – Gen

Mobile Intelligence: Securing and Streamlining Engagements Along the Customer Journey

Mobile intelligence is not a tool just for the IT, identity, or cybersecurity threat mitigation departments. It is tool for the CMO, for the marketer. Mobile intelligence makes it possible for the business to seamlessly and contextually serve the individual at every stage along the customer journey, to streamline onboarding, to mitigate fraud, and to optimize business operations. The speakers will explore how mobile intelligence works and who to work with to enhance your business and to serve your customers better.

  • Tim Green, Features Editor – MEF
  • David Vigar, VP & GM – TruSense
  • Fraser King, Head of Commercial Strategy and Identity
  • Michael Power, Founder – aablar and Future of Messaging Adviser – MEF

Validating Proof of Life: Credentials and Liveness Tests For Combating Fraud and Bias

The world is moving at the speed of data. Being able to verify an individual’s legal identity, that they are actually who they claim to be, that their credentials match (e.g., graduate from a particular school, are a licensed physician, are a military veteran), and are alive, in context, in near-real time, both online and office, is becoming table stacks in the phygital world that business live in today. It is imperative for organizations to evaluate their Identity Verification (IDV) strategy and needs so that they can satisfy customer demand, streamline the customer journey, comply with regulations, and combat fraud. This session will dive deeply into the IDV strategies, technology, and use cases.

  • Tim Green, Features Editor – MEF
  • Russ Cohn, General Manager EMEA – OCR Labs
  • Kevin Sullivan, President, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Leading Points
  • Alison McDowell, Co-founder-Beruku Advisory

Is IoT the Next Major Privacy Threat? Strategies for Securing IoT Datas

Are you concerned about the security of your IoT devices? Do you know the potential privacy threats that come with the Internet of Things (IoT)?  The panel discussion “Is IoT the next major privacy threat? Strategies for securing IoT data” focuses on the potential privacy threats posed by the Internet of Things (IoT) and strategies for securing IoT data. The discussion will cover topics such as the current state of IoT security, the potential risks and benefits of IoT devices, and the best practices for securing IoT data. You will learn about the impact of IoT on privacy and gain valuable insights into how to secure your IoT devices. Join this panel discussion to learn more about the impact of IoT on privacy and how to secure your IoT devices.

  • Nassia Skoulikariti, Founder – Apiro Data; MEF IoT Working Group Chair
  • Jimmy Jones, Head of Security – ZARIOT
  • Chris Swan, Engineer – Atsign
  • Simon Didcote, Director – OSB Medical

Empowering Creators and Individuals: A Value Shift from the Platform to the People

This discussion aims to explore the implications of empowering creators and individuals with technologies and how it can shape the future of digital platforms. It will also delve into the challenges and opportunities of this value shift, including how it can drive innovation and creativity while ensuring fair compensation for creators and individuals. Ultimately, this discussion seeks to identify the practical steps required to make this value shift a reality and how it can benefit society as a whole.

  • Michael Becker, PD&I Advisor – MEF
  • Tom Fish, Head of Public Policy and Research – Gener8
  • Noah Rafalko, CEO – TSG Global, Inc.
  • Nicholas Venezia, CEO & Founder – Centillion Group Inc.
  • Singe StJohn Deakins, Founder & CEO  – CitizenMe

Change Is Coming: Welcome to the New Digital Age and the Necessity of Age Assurance

Is it rude to ask your age? No, it is a legal requirement. This panel will explore the evolving landscape of age assurance, estimation, and verification. They will share key operational consolations for organizations, including how digital age assurance can enhance customer payment journeys by reducing friction and removing barriers to sale, introducing new sales channels, improving compliance, and introducing new safeguards whilst increasing basket spend, reducing queuing, and driving colleague productivity.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Iain Corby, Executive Director – Age Age Verification Providers Association
  • Gary Fegan, Solutions Architect and Technical Product Manager – Fujitsu
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chief identity Strategist – Open Identity Exchange
  • Steve Hewitt, Co-Founder – 40 Percent