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In a previous report we addressed the market for People With Disabilities (PWD) alongside their requirements and the role that technology can play in bringing them into the digital economy. What is evident, as we delve deeper into the topic, is that PWDs aren’t the only groups to be excluded from the telecoms and related marketplace. The ‘Silver’ market requires some close attention, as do those not even currently able to connect for network reach reasons or for lack of awareness and education about how to use the services.

So, in any given market we have a very significant proportion of potential customers not considered as ‘mainstream’ and for whom the services need to be rendered in a different way.

This report takes a new perspective on the subject. It looks at how channels of communication can be used to improve the potential for these excluded groups to join the digital marketplace, hence providing new revenue opportunities for the industry as well as bringing the societal benefit of having everyone connected.

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About the Author

Chris Lewis – Telecoms Industry analyst, strategic advisor, public speaker, disability/accessibility specialist

Chris has covered all aspects of the global telecoms and adjacent industry sectors over 30 years working as an industry analyst with Logica, Ovum, Yankee Group and IDC as well as independently under the Lewis Insight and Great Telco Debate banners for the last ten years. He offers a unique perspective on the emerging telecoms and networking markets and how they fit into the broader emerging digital landscape. He also works with the TM Forum, sits on the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress Advisory Board and acts as a judge for many industry bodies.

Registered blind throughout his career and a leading user of assistive technology, Chris has now expanded his coverage to look at the area of Equality Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and Inclusive Design and its importance as part of sustainability for the telecoms industry.