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Self Regulating the Brazilian VAS Environment

Rafael Pellon, MEF LatAm advisor and partner at Focaccia, Amaral, Salvia, Pellon & Lamonica Advogados, here explores the latest iteration of the MEF Value Added Services (VAS) Code of Practice for Brazil, now in its recently launched third edition, and examines why it is more important than ever for the…
Sam Hill
September 21, 2017
Mobile PaymentsVAS

Mobile money and interoperability in growth markets (part 2)

In part one Srinivas Nidugondi, Senior Vice President & Head of Mobile Financial Solutions at Mahindra Comviva discussed the importance of interoperablity between mobile money services and explained some of the barriers that are holding the market back. Here he discusses the benefits and drivers of the mobile money space…
May 15, 2017
Mobile PaymentsVAS

Mobile money and interoperability in growth markets (part 1)

Mobile money is a widespread business today available in two-thirds of low-and-middle-income countries. By the end of December 2016, 277 mobile money services were operating in 92 countries. However, a majority of these mobile money operators provide closed loop services, which restricts the scope of digital transactions between users registered…
May 8, 2017
Enterprise CommunicationsVAS

Chill! SMS provides a cool machine fix

Philips Healthcare manufactures, manages and maintains expensive and sophisticated IT machines for the healthcare sector all over the world. And when their machines break down, repair is usually complex, requiring skilled engineers, and above all very costly. Far better then to implement early warning systems that detect and forecast impending…
Tim Green
March 21, 2017